I am not in Copenhagen. I have been sorting through my photos because I am making a picture book of places I've photographed over the years. 

You probably know that the above statue is The Little Mermaid, one of the most recognizable statues in Copenhagen, if not the world. She's a tiny thing, less than 5 feet tall from crown to fishtail. 

Here's another one in Copenhagen. It's massive, and this is only the top. It's the Gefion Fountain. According to legend, Swedish king Gylfi promised the Norse Goddess Gefion that he would give her all the property that she could plow in one night. So she turned her four sons into oxen, and man did she plow! 

This is a human statue in Helsinki. If you put money in his box, he would bow, take your picture with his camera, open up the back and give you a tiny photograph on blue paper. In Europe, street performers are everywhere.

The King. Memphis. 

Okay, class dismissed. Things have been slow around my planet and there's little to blog about. The biggest news is that it was cool enough to sleep with the windows open last night and get in a walk this morning. Whoop! I have been playing mucho golf and we are getting our travel gear ready for the next trip in a few weeks. We'll visit Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and some other remote places in the far north. 

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Summer is officially ON!


  1. Great photos, Rian! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


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