Miz Libby

I got a surprise phone call from the one and only Libby Fife Saturday. She was in town so I met up with her in Palm Springs. Sadly, in my haste, I forgot my camera. We had a lovely visit and I met her charming husband Rich. Libby, you must come back and let me cook for you! (And take your picture!) It is so fun to meet cyberfriends--you bond with them instantly.

In other news, we had a spot of weather roll through on Sunday, and it was cold and blustery. Well, cold being a relative term, I think it only got up to 85 (it was 98 the day before).

One of my golf pals invited me to play Escena in Palm Springs. She signed up for the summer hot deals membership, so we were able to play for $40. Forty-dollar golf is a HUGE deal in the Land of Spendy Golf! Especially a course as nice as this one. 

Here are a couple of photos of Escena that I took with my “crapshoot” camera today. You can’t see, so you point it in the general direction, shoot, and get crap. But it lives in my golf bag and don’t care if it gets roont.


It’s such a pretty course…so it’s a shame the pictures are so crappy. I even cropped and enhanced them, too. DSCF1183

You can see the weather. It was pretty darned windy. This is San Jacinto.DSCF1184

The red stakes indicate the kind of water hazard this is. Sometimes the hazard can be yellow. That’s all you need to know. DSCF1185

I posted a 101. I was pretty excited about my 47 on the front nine, but I blew chunks on the back nine. The club prez at Indian Springs talked me into playing with them on an occasional basis next year, which I feel good about because I do want to keep the friendships I have made there. So it was a great day all around.


  1. I promise I'll meet you one of these times!! Glad you had the opportunity to meet Libby.

  2. Loved seeing your photos, as well as the ones Enseda has posted on their website! After my return to work, today, your golf outing was a nice distraction.

  3. We had a nice visit with you too! Thanks for driving all the way out. I couldn't believe the weather on Monday. As we approached Pasadena and LA somewhere in the distance, it was raining cats and dogs. Real surprising.

    Glad you got off to play gold though. What a gorgeous setting!

  4. I guess neither of you have an IPhone.


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