St. Augustine to Mobile

Jeez—where the hell am I! We have covered so much ground my head is spinning.

No pictures from St. Augustine. Nothing to see there. Besides, it was cold, blustery, gray, and ugly and I took the day off from camera-schlepping.

We had the long drive from St. Augustine Florida to Mobile Alabama today. Many long hours in the car and sore butts to prove it. Thanks to modern cell phone technology we found this joint on a side street in Pensacola.


I had this:IMG_9060

Well, I only had the small piece on the left and gave the big one to Jim. Chicken ‘n Waffles, don’t you love it? It was goooooood.

Then we went to the Naval Air Museum. I loved this statue because it depicts aviators from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm in order from left to right.


We finally rolled into Mobile around 5. This is our quaint hotel. Where I am as I write this. Writing briefly, I might add, because it has been a very long day.IMG_9068

We walked around the neighborhood and saw this. Do you know what it is?IMG_9066

It’s the ill-fated Carnival Triumph of the Seas. IMG_9093

We didn’t have plans to do much in Mobile besides eat and sleep, but on our way to dinner we discovered that Mobile is AMAZING! So tomorrow we are going to take a tour and see some of this beautiful city. Oh, just wait until you see some of the houses here! IMG_9091

Over and out. Good night.


  1. Beautiful hotel:) and what great buildings. It would never enter my mind to visit Mobile...until your I have to investigate the possibilities! I'm trying to get back into blogging, I got out of the habit of writing regularly, but I have intentions :-)

  2. Aren't you glad you are in a car and not on that ship?

  3. Sorry the weather was bad in St. Augustine as it's a really old city, maybe even the oldest? It has some interesting things to see, too.


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