Jazz Fest

Hi from the crowd! Unbelievable.


Jazz Fest was great yesterday. I LOVE that zydeco music! Weehah!IMG_9181

Even the old Dixieland dudes can get down.IMG_9161

In addition to terrific music and amazing FOOD, there are parades.IMG_9169

This picture is funny because I was taking it of Jim, Cheryl, and Alan, when the chick on the right stepped into the photo. She apologized but I like it just like it is.


We met a gal who insisted I don her alligator hat and then she made me a cocktail and insisted I drink it. I did.IMG_9209-001

We love jazz fest but I think this might be our last one. Boogying for hours on your feet is hard work! Next year: Stagecoach! It’s only a mile from our house. And they have chairs. And I dig country.



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