LA Weekend

We went to see our friends Cheryl and Alan, who live in Los Angeles, to play some golf and see the Bolder Fresher show.

You might think, “Nobody lives IN Los Angeles.” They might live in the sprawling soup that is the Los Angeles Basin and comprises many, many communities, but no one actually lives there. Well, Cheryl and Alan do. Their address says Los Angeles.

We golfed at Santa Anita Friday. Lordy was it hot. There was a mild Santa Ana going on and temperatures soared into the 80s.


It was a beautiful, clear day. Santa Anita has wide, tree-lined fairways. I found the course to be very challenging with it’s hills and unpredictable lies. Cheryl and I tied with a pair of 115s.


The next day we played Griffith Park. This is the clubhouse at the end of the long, par-5 #18. By the time we got to the end of the round the Santa Ana had broken down and it was getting cool. I beat Cheryl by 3 strokes.


We went to the Nokia Theater at Staples Center to see Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller do their Bolder Fresher Tour. That is one HUGE theater! It seats over 7,000. The Lakers play at the Staples Center Arena (the round building) next door.


On the way we stopped in at Roy’s downtown for happy hour yummies. I couldn’t find a picture of the fantastic UBI Rolls that we scarfed. Those quasi-sushi shrimp and rice rolls are in my head. They are calling me.


The Bolder Fresher show was very good and we enjoyed it. Dennis Miller had us rolling on the floor. He is just naturally funny. Bill O’Reilly is not really a funny man, comedy is not his schtick, but he was entertaining even though his material needs updating. Seriously.


I got glasses last week, which triggered a migraine, so I had a vicious headache most of the time, but it’s great to be able to see without double vision. But I am still grappling with #$%# headaches.

Well, I have to close now—I need to get dressed because the window washers are coming any moment.


  1. I get the whole glasses thing. Last time I got new glasses my perscription had changed because I guess astigmatism got worse. I wore the glasses for two weeks and never got used to them. He finally had to back down the perscription so I could see. I don't have eagle vision, but I can see enough!

  2. Send that window washer my way.....I only have 7 windows, not including a wall of french doors, but still can't manage to keep them shiny. Glad you found some nice weather and great golf. Sounds like a good time ....except for the migraine. I think Florida has your chilly weather and we don't want it. (speaking of vision, those numbers and letters are getting harder and harder to see to prove I'm not spam)...well, maybe I am spam !!


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