Another Week Flies By

I swear, as I get older time disappears faster and faster.

I’ve been playing a lot of golf. This is not me in the photo but I was in this very sand trap yesterday.


This is my home course, Indian Springs (above). Notice how just the fairways are green. It’s like that in winter (which is when we play) when the Bermuda dies off and the groundskeepers cheap out and only seed the fairways with lush Winter Rye. Well, I hate the brown stuff. It’s not only ugly, it’s not fun to hit from.


Here is the other course I play, Palm Desert CC (above). No dead stuff. They have a new head groundskeeper and the course is in tip-top shape.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about deciding to leave Indian Springs. Yesterday I made the decision to leave. My term as secretary will end with the season.

The deciding factor was this: I joined a club to make friends, and it’s not easy when the pack is small and tightly knit. They have known each other for many years and I don’t have the history with them. Palm Desert is a large club and fairly new, it opened last year.

Today is cold, rainy, and blustery. A good day to make soup! I have family coming in a few day so I have prep to do.


  1. Our courses look like that when we have a dry winter but this year they've stayed green. I can deal with brown hard grass but I hate when they aerate the greens and cover it with sand....what a mess...on the shoes, on the ball, on the clubs and on my glove. And worse in early morning dew. I'm envious of all your playing .... I need to get off my butt and go hit a few.
    And the soup recipe is............................

  2. Well Indian Springs will miss out on a beautiful person! Their loss.

  3. Sounds like a reasonable decision to me. Sounds similar also to what we have around here-tightly knit groups.

    The course always look so So. Cal to me-very nice:)

  4. Looking at that blue sky with longing... Sounds like a good decision; life's too short to do stuff that's not fun.

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