That’s Life

Just a Frank Sinatra song. No reason, it popped into my brain.

It has been over a week since I’ve posted and I feel the pull to blog, but I honestly don’t have a lot to blog about. We’ve been busy—getting back to life. It took a long time to get over jetlag after the last trip. Then we were swept up in holiday events before we had a chance to catch our breath.

I finished the last of my unpacking/putting away only just this week.

There has been a lot of housework, too. When you go away for six weeks it takes a lot to get up and running again. Lots of little stuff—it eats up several days each week for both of us.

We listed our motorhome in several places and have been responding to calls and emails about that. Mostly from dealers who want to offer us wholesale, but a few nibbles from real buyers. 

We’ve been catching up on the movies that came out while we were gone. We saw Lincoln yesterday and Skyfall last week—next week is Les Miz. We watch many movies on the tube but some things you just want to see on the big screen before they’re gone.

I’ve played a few rounds of golf—I’m definitely rusty, but it comes back quickly. My club is keeping me busy this month because it’s my turn to organize the games, teams, and scorecards. I thought I’d taken an easy month because two of the weeks are taken up by a tournament, but it turns out I have to coordinate that, too. Oops. Error on my part. There is a lot to do, I had no idea. But I’m learning, and I’m contributing, which is something I felt I needed to do.

With the days being so short the sun is barely up when we tee off at 7AM, and it’s fricken COLD. Last week it was in the 30s and we looked like kids stuffed in snowsuits out there with our mittens and earmuffs. Imagine a bunch of 60-somethings wearing all that gear trying to swing a club. But when the sun comes over the mountain it warms us and we begin to peel off layers.

And there is studio! As I’m getting all the scut-work done, I’ve finally got time to get in there and work on my zebras.

If you’ve read this far, here are a couple pictures of interesting creatures from Australia. Just for fun.

This is a Wallaby. It’s a smaller version of a kangaroo, same family. This guy is about knee high. Look how its hind feet are in the air—when it walks it balances on its forelegs and tail like a tripod, then the big hind legs come in front of the forelegs, the tail and forelegs come up, and it slowly inches forward, about a foot at a time.


When it needs to go fast, that’s when it springs boing, boing on its hind legs, and hops. It’s pretty fast.

Here’s another creature—a kookaburra. Remember that song from grade school? Well, here are two of them. Odd little things, aren’t they, about the size of an owl. They are carnivorous.


Thanks for reading. Now get back to work.


  1. Nice to have you blogging. I can't imagine what you go through after being gone that long. I feel like it takes me a week after being gone a week!

    Nice to hear "studio" in your vocabulary. I am waiting to see more of the zebras.

    I do remember the Kookaburra song!

  2. Well, it's just the everydayness of everyday! It has been cold hasn't it? we are looking at highs in the low 40's to high 30's today. Pretty COLD.

    That wallaby is odd but cute-like he has a fifth appendage:)

  3. Florida golf is lovely.....64 early this morning....actually quite unusual for this time of year. You need to see Silver Linings Playbook.....the best ever !! The others are on my list. I just discovered your GOLF that a new addition or have i just been oblivious. Fun to read about each course and game.
    My golf blog would be pretty ugly.

  4. Yes, I remember, the kookaburra sits on the old gum tree, merrily.... The photos are super and I'll print and take to Daniel with your added comments.


  5. Strange sensation, isn't it? Wanting to blog, but not having anything really to blog about....

    On the other hand, it sounds as if you have been really busy, and your golfing, and studio work are blog worthy. So are pics from Oz!


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