You remember that character from the Peanuts comic strip…the kid who had stuff swirling around him. That’s my world.

We have the motorhome up for sale and we’ve had a few hits—we even had a guy fly down from San Francisco to look at it. He made an offer, way less than we were asking. Way. We are soft on our price, but he wouldn’t budge on his laughably low offer. JJ is still considering calling him back and caving in just to be done with it. Meanwhile, answering calls and emails and showing it has kept us hopping.

The weather has been nothing short of…well, spectacular. I had the opportunity to play the beautiful and forgiving Greg Norman Course at PGA West last week. I played okay. Not great. My game has been less than stellar lately.


They are playing the Humana Challenge here this weekend, and the joint is jumping. (Picture stolen from the internet. No cameras allowed.) We didn’t go this year—it’s fun, but easier to see on TV. Maybe we should go—they’ve got great pastrami sandwiches over there….


We got our floors done. The flooring is some kind of stone; travertine I think. The house is 12 years old and the floor was looking bad from various mishaps and years of wear and tear. They sanded, polished and sealed, and it looks amazing. We had them do the patio tiles outside—they were encrusted with years of calcium and lime deposits from hosing them off. They used steel wool (and a big machine) to get the scale off and then they polished them. We keep saying, “I still can’t believe it.”


But now there is a fine layer of dust everywhere. You can write your name in the dust on the wood blinds, and the pottery up on top of the kitchen cabinets looks like it has dandruff. Great. Looks like I’ll be cleaning for a while.

I finally got health insurance, my old one raised their premiums (triple) over the last two years and, because we were gone in December, we didn’t find out until we got home and then had to scramble to find a carrier. I was afraid I’d trip or break something in the two weeks I was uninsured, but now I can exhale. And get my annual checkups done. What a hassle. And if you don’t think it’s because of Obamacare, you’re on the wrong planet.

I also survived three weeks of being tournament captain for my golf club. This week and next is our team eclectic, and I have to handle it all by myself. But I am learning new stuff, which is always good.

No fiber content, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and today is Sunday, which means I get to do the big Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword, a special treat. That said, I’d better go make some coffee and get with it. Have a good week!


  1. We had the furnace cleaned and it left dust, dust, dust. Before it was cleaned the house was dust, dust, dust. Of course, we do live in the dusty desert. Dusting seems like duplication of work! I'm lazy in my old age! I tried the LA Times Sunday Crossword with coffee and a cinnamon roll. I think I got about 10 words and decided it was beyond me so I went to Pogo and played Scrabble. Enjoyed your blog.

  2. Wow, those floors are stunning. I'm hating tile more and more....or should I say GROUT !! I lust for hardwood.
    Watched part of the Humana with the gorgeous views of La Quinta and the shopping areas and the mountains. Nice place to live !!
    Glad the RV is getting interest. Sorry it wasn't your thing but you will be disappointed when you can't drive your condo !!!

  3. Loved the picture of the blue sky and mountains! It's been so grey and foggy here, so it was great to see that brilliant desert blueness.

  4. Your floors are gorgeous!!!! Probably the guy that made the lowbball offer is hoping that you will do just that - cave. I know how you feel - part of you just wants rid of it, but the other part wants at least a decent amount. If he had the money to fly down from SF, he's got the money to raise his offer!

  5. I can imagine the dust, but boy, do the floors look great!

    Being without health insurance, even for a short while, must make you feel so vulnerable.

  6. Beautiful floor! Mine would be covered in golden hair!


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