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I know this isn’t of much interest to you quilt mavens, but my golf friends will understand. I treated myself to a RocketBallz club from TaylorMade. Innit purdy? It’s a 5.

It’s real easy to hit, too. I had a 5-wood (today’s woods are actually metal but some habits refuse to die, like calling the forward tees the ladies tees), but this is new technology.

See? It’s got this slot on the bottom. Some engineer figured out this helps the ball go farther. Hence the name RocketBallz, or RBZ. My golf-pals have been raving about these clubs.
The strange thing is, it’s the same length as my Ping 3-wood (the  purple one below). The head is even larger, and I cannot hit that club off the grass to save my life. I have quit trying. I am continually perplexed by this. It’s like that quilter (Deb in Alaska I think) whose longarm machine would not quilt with blue thread.

But I carry it in my bag in case there might come a time I am facing a 135 yard par 3 uphill tee shot.
Nothing like a new club to get you jazzed up about golfing (and clean your other clubs). I’m playing the Weiskopf Private at PGA West Thursday. Woohoo! (Big deal!) The Humana Challenge is being played there next week. The weather looks good.
Hoping for some good, long fairway shots. My putting has improved a lot. Well, last week anyway.


  1. Enjoyed the club lesson! I remember 3 par courses when I was golfing--the time when women were not allowed on any other course! It was a good time actually! Judy used to golf as well, but that's another story.


  2. I'll be very curious to see how the new driver suits you. My DIL just got a set of the RBZ but a different driver. The situation with the Ping 3 wood sounds psychological to me and might require the use of a sport psychologist to overcome......or a glass of wine prior to any attempts at hitting it.

  3. Interesting post, Rian. None of this stuff was covered when I took golf in college PE! LOL Enjoyed your trip vicariously. It sounded really wonderful. I'm finally getting caught up with blogging and don't even have a long trip as an excuse. Happy New Year!

  4. That looks like high tech has come to golf! I love the names they give these clubs. "IF" I golfed I would have to buy a club with a name like RocketBallz! It just sounds like you have to get better!


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