A Winter Saturday

We’re having a spot of winter weather here, it has been raining off and on and the ceiling is so low that the mountain has been obliterated.


Here’s what it usually looks like:


So we hunkered down to watch golf on TV. They’re playing at Torrey Pines, a few miles over the mountains at the coast. Looks like they’ve got the same weather over there.


In fact, in the time it took to offload the photos and type this, the fog thickened and now they are airing play from yesterday, so I’ll blog for a bit. I played in fog like this when we lived on the central coast. Fog is bone-chilling and not fun to play golf in.

You can see a few of my elephants on the TV. I have collected them from all over the world. I have big ones, small ones, wood ones, glass ones, and they are scattered around the house. I am not a collector really, but with all our travels I thought I should collect something. Elephants are fairly easy to find all over the world (as opposed to dragons, for example) and it is fun to look for them in foreign lands.

As tournament coordinator, I have been working on the scorecards for our two-week tournament. I have to prepare the scorecards according to the players’ handicaps, check the scores from the first week, and prepare the prize money envelopes. It has been a fair amount of work, but I have learned a lot. My partner and I have the lead going into next week, but only by one stroke.


I was to go to Road to California yesterday and meet Allie for lunch, who is teaching her Crazy Heart class there. I would do the rest of the show with Janice, my friend I golf with at PGA West. I drove about 45-50 minutes and when I stopped for gas, I had no credit card. Oops. I usually carry two but you can see card #2 on my desk in the above photo, as we are phasing that one out (screw you, American Airlines). Fortunately I had enough cash to get some gas, but barely enough to get home. It wasn’t enough to get to the convention center, which was still an hour and a half away. I was way out on I-10 and J had a doctor’s appointment, so he couldn’t rescue me. So I went home, and I found my credit card. But it was pouring down rain and if I set out again, I’d be four hours late. So I bailed. I was angry with myself for not checking my wallet.

But there was good news. Someone called to see the motorhome. After we learned the hard way last summer about bad people who flimflam unsuspecting motorhome sellers, we only show it together, and with one person remaining outside with a phone. It would be difficult (and potentially dangerous) for J to show it alone because I know more about the specs than he does. The people who came to look at it were very nice, and they said they really liked Rover. But they had a couple other rigs to look at and said they’d let us know. We told them about the eBay auction coming to a close, and they said they knew that because that’s where they saw it. So I am hopeful. My hunch is they’ll wait for the auction to get down to the final hours.

Well, that’s the week. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. So you didn't even make it to the show. Oh too bad.

    Good luck with the Rover!

    Wes' golf tournament in Santa Barbara was canceled due to rain. He was bummed because he won the day before in another game so was feeling hopeful for a 2nd victory.

  2. We get fog like that here. It is bone chilling-not like the Bay Area where it is at least mitigated by the water to some extent.

    Elephants have great shapes don't you think?

    Good luck with Rover. Rich and I are always casually talking about a pop up or pop out trailer but he said just what you found out about the resale factor-it can be tough going.

  3. My Aunt used to collect elephants but their trunks had to be up - she was superstitious about that!

    What a bummer about missing the show but don't be too hard on yourself about forgetting your card - after all, if it was American Express you wouldn't have left home without it :-)

    I really hope you get a decent offer on Rover - fingers crossed for you!

  4. So sorry to hear that you missed seeing the show and Allie. Our fog here is finally gone, but the rains are back. Is that San Jacinto in your photo?

  5. We have fog today too. Actually got up the 45! Tomorrow back in the 20's and snow snow and more snow.

    Crossing my fingers for you selling Rover.

  6. Brrrr fog & rain. It has been cold & rainy here. The only thing of an elephant that I have are knees and elbows. I once collected frogs, frogs, and more frogs--green ones, white ones, and speckled ones. Good luck on selling Rover. See ya soon!

  7. A real pea-souper of a fog to have the mountains vanish like that!

    So sorry about the aborted trip and the forgotten credit card. How frustrating!

    Hopeful that you'll be waving so-long to Rover soon.


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