Wednesday, May 30

The Rock

I challenged The Rock today. The Rock won. It always does. SilverRock is one tough mother of a course! It is a beautiful course with lush grass, wide fairways, and monster sand traps. It’s like Mission Impossible.

Let’s go golfing.

Hole #1, par 4. The green is well protected on the right by water and on the left by massive sand traps. You have to go around to the left or you could go for it. But you risk getting into the trap or the water. DSCF1006-001

Here is a par 5. I am positioned to take my third shot, so you can see how long it is. There are some workers and a green tractor in the near bunker. You have to hit up the fairway to the right, then angle left to the green. DSCF1007

Another par 5. On this hole, you have to lay up your second shot so you can hit your third shot over the river. And even then it will take you two shots to get to the green. There are huge sand traps to avoid. My third shot bounced off that rock right of the bridge and backward into the water. But because it hit the other side, I could take my drop over there.DSCF1008

Here’s a closer look at the approach on the other side of the stream. Huge bunkers on the right, water on the left, narrow apron.DSCF1009

This is what I’m talkin’ about. Gives new meaning to the word huge. Be afraid, be very afraid.DSCF1012

Oh goody, more danger ahead. “Oh, noooo,” my partner Linda would say.DSCF1014

After you navigate past the lateral bunkers (above), you come to the approach to the hole and you see this. The flagstick is behind that mega-bunker where those trees are.DSCF1016 (800x451)

I think maybe this is the last time I play this course. It’s just too challenging and I don’t have a need to knock myself out. Plus, it was 98 degrees out there.

Saturday, May 26

Memorial Day Weekend


While much of the nation swelters, a cold storm blew through here last night. And I mean blew.


As evidenced by the leaves in the pool. I put Vinca in all the beds around the yard and courtyard—*I* didn’t plant them, the gardeners put them in. They tolerate the blistering desert sun and will last at least a year, maybe two if the frost doesn’t get ‘em.

I had a golf game scheduled today but my hosts cancelled because of the weather. I was putting my gear in my trunk when Janice called at 6:30. “Too windy,” she said. I’ve preached here how golf is not fun in the wind, and these were 40 mph sustained winds.


We saw Sugarland last night As a die-hard jazz (and hard rock) fan, I have been slow to embrace country music, but today’s country has a bluesy, rock edge to it that I like. We watch the Country Music Awards every year and it’s good stuff. Speaking of good stuff, we watched the final of American Idol Thursday and it rocked! The whole show was loaded with talent, but watching Steven Tyler do Walk This Way was the bomb—he’s still got it. At least this old broad thinks so.


I finished my son’s quilt. I just have to sew the back together and it will go out to be quilted. It’s big—this is a queen-size bed—but he’s a big boy.


He is into sailing and when I saw this fabric I had to have it. I love it! There are six 8” squares of sailboats, so I used them as my starting point and made the other pieces variations on 8” so it would all fit together. I’m very pleased with the end result.


No plans for Memorial Day, there’s a golf tournament (and the weather will be good) but I couldn’t find a partner.

Hope you have a great kick-off to the summer!

Sunday, May 20

Solar Eclipse

It was so freaking ironic. I mean really! We were watching a program on eclipses (I love that stuff!) this afternoon and we were rationalizing on how we are not going to the South Pacific to see the 2012 total solar eclipse this November, which is {very very} high on my list, because we decided to wait and catch the total solar eclipse that will cut a swath across America in 2017.

I went outside to start the grill to cook the steak for dinner. We were having Korean BBQ and Crunchy Bok Choy Salad. JJ was looking at the local news and said, “hey, there’s an eclipse today, and it’s going to reach its peak in 20 minutes.”

Yeah, sure.

Then I noticed that the light looked a little funny and it was a tiny bit cooler (less intense, let’s be real) than it should have been for that time of day. Well, wouldn’t you know it, we were having an eclipse.  And little sunlight crescents were everywhere.


I mean, what are the odds.

Being a nut-ball sky watcher my whole life, I grabbed my eclipse thingy and held it up to the camera lens and snapped this photo.


While I was getting my magic eclipse tool and I had my camera in my hand, I snapped a photo of the quilt I am making.


It’s entirely random, which is how I wanted it to be, because I like the fabric (motifs) so much that I’m just letting the fabric speak for itself. Any sort of intricately pieced thing would lose the effect and be a waste of time. So, it’s easy, and it gets me into the studio. My focus has shifted from golf to fabric.

In fact, my visor, socks, and golf purse are still by the back door from Thursday when it was just too hot to go outside.


But~~next week it’s supposed to be cooler (low 90s) and I have been invited to play the Weiskopf at PGA West. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m looking forward to it!

Hope you have a great week!!

Monday, May 14

Breaking 100

Aw, you guys probably thought I meant golf.

Nope, unfortunately, THIS is what I’m talking about….





Wait for it…







Did you catch the low? That’s when it’s tough. No coolness in the AM.

Friday, May 11

Happy Mothers Day

A little early, but while I’m here…I hope you all have a very nice weekend and get to do some fun things with your family. No plans here—J said he’d take me golfing, but I have no one to play with. Everyone’s out of town.

Golf the other day in the heat wasn’t bad, we teed off at 7 AM and were finished by 11 before the heat got unbearable. Still, the last two holes were a little “who cares, let’s just git ‘er done.” I scored 104, not great, but our team managed to win the pool somehow. Which isn’t much money when you only have two foursomes!  I played well, I managed to not get in a single sand trap all day, but I messed up #16 royally. It’s a 348 yard par 4, and I was on in 3. My ball rolled past the hole on the approach shot, leaving me an 8 foot downhill putt for par. I barely missed the par shot (downhill putts are tricky and I’m not a good putter) and my ball came to rest 3 feet past the hole on the downhill side. I set up to tap in for bogey—nope, it lipped out. Now I’m going for double bogey, from about 8 inches away. I missed the putt again….long story short, I 5-putted that hole!!!! I was steamed.

IMG_6561 (800x533)

I have been cutting fabric in the kitchen. I get more done than if I go out to the casita, plus I have a “thing” about running the AC out there if I don’t have to. So I’ve commandeered the kitchen. Looks like we’ll be using TV trays for a few days.

IMG_6562 (800x533)

I drew out the pattern on graph paper so I could know what size to cut the pieces and I didn’t like it. Too-big pieces. Way. So I re-worked the pattern and came up with something completely different.

Wednesday, May 9

Too Damn Hot

And it’s only May! Yikes! Hibernation season has begun.

It’s really getting hot now, my neighborhood is a ghost town. The seasonal snow birds have all flown home and just us die-hard nut jobs are left.

It amazes me to say this, but golf is almost unthinkable now, as my activity level is barely a blip on the radar screen. I do have a game tomorrow, in 100 degree temps, but I think it will be my last until we go to the coast in August. The heat just sucks the chi right out of me. Zap!

Not a whole lot has been going on that is blog-worthy. We did have some interesting lenticular clouds the other day. We don’t get many clouds, so these were especially captivating to me:




Speaking of clouds, the company J works for sent us a gel topper for our bed (J is in the polyurethane business). It’s like memory foam only it’s cool. Memory foam is hot and we don’t need any of that! It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Hmm, maybe that’s why we’re both so zonked. Maybe it’s off-gassing or something.

So, since golf season is over, I have returned to the studio. I saw some fabric online that I just had to have! Yes, I was looking for it. My son wants to live on a sailboat in Caribbean when he retires, and he will need a quilt for chilly nights on the ocean—not to mention he will have ten or so Ohio winters to suffer through until he can make his dream happen.




I decided to do a Storm at Sea.


Above is an EQ rendering, There are only six blocks because I am working up from the six 8” panel prints (represented by the darker tan squares) below.


I have also been diligently working on my memoirs. I am finished and have only to decide whether to publish now or wait until I’m older and have more experiences.

We have about three weeks before our first trip. We are going to Alaska with my dear friend Carol, whom I have known SINCE THE FIRST GRADE! That’s 57 fricken years! OMG!

So that’s what I’m up to these days. Ding Dong, my fabric just arrived! Yay!