Sunday, April 29

Greetings from Number 10

We had a few moments while waiting our turn to tee off and I pulled out the baby camera. Which doesn’t make great shots. Kind of like we played yesterday. We didn’t make great shots. But we did okay.

“Hurry up. It’s 95 fricken degrees out here.”DSCF0054a

“Shit. Another one went right. And it’s going in the trap.”DSCF0051

My caddy.


Mike’s caddy. I’m working on Marty to take up the game. She’s thinking about it.


After golf we sat in the pool with margaritas, then we went out to dinner.

IMG_6535 copy

Old friends are the best. We’ve known Mike ‘n Marty since 1983. Glad they moved back to California.

Monday, April 23

Nothing of Interest Here

Nothing worth blogging about anyway. I've kind of lost interest in blogging. Just like art, things come and go. I'm just checking in to say all is well, we're healthy, life is good, golf is still good, and that's really all there is. I haven't been in the mood to go into the studio, although I'm starting to feel the call because soon I won't be playing golf and I'll need something to fill that void. There's the signpost up ahead--next stop>> Studio Zone.

We had a heat wave over the weekend (105) which was a harbinger of things to come. When it gets that hot, it's hard to sleep at night, the pool is about 100 degrees so no help there, and it's hard to do anything that resembles activity or exercise (i.e. golf). Yeah, we can hunker down in the air conditioning, and we do, but...I don't know, I just like real air. The breezes kicked up today and temps cooled down a little, so at least golf tomorrow won't be wicked hot and we'll sleep better tonight.

I've spent a huge chunk of time planning trips, I know I've mentioned them before, but it has been a lot of work. I've done all the legwork for Alaska and Europe, and I have Australia/Asia yet to do. Don't want to miss anything! It's not like I go there often.

Coachella was a huge success, I know that doesn't mean a whole lot to you, but it's the largest music festival in the country (maybe the world), it spans two weekends, and it happens a mile from my house. It brings huge amounts of revenue to the area (85,000  hungry and thirsty people), and it's good to see the young folks having fun. If I were younger--and had the inclination to spend that kind of money--I'd go.  Check out this Silent Dance if you've got a moment. To keep the party going into the wee hours and keep the neighbors happy, they gave everybody wireless headphones, and they danced on a floor that had the beat.

Well, that's all the news. We're good here.

Monday, April 16

Palm Desert Country Club

It’s winding down to the end of the golf season here in the desert. In fact, my club is having its end of season tournament/luncheon this week. There will still be golf, but it will get lesser and lesser as we heat up. It’s still beautiful. No complaints.

I played Palm Desert CC today, it’s a very old course that went belly-up several years ago and was abandoned. Some very nice Canadians bought it and put some money into it, and today it’s a nice course. And, it’s very affordable. When you play golf 8 to 10 times a month, it adds up. We are all looking for bargains, and word gets around. PDCC is not jaw-dropping beautiful like PGA West, but I can play it for $50, as compared to $115 for PGA West. And that’s a guest rate.


It’s situated near Indian Wells and has some lovely vistas. This is a par-4 downhill. For me, it’s easy to make par, or at least bogey, on this one. We’re waiting for the slowpokes ahead. I’m 150 yards out (you can tell by the striped pole lower left) and, I can get to the green from here. So I wait for them to get out of range.


This is looking back at the tee box from the fairway. We had a storm Friday night and you can see snow on the mountains in the background on the right. Those mountains are maybe 8,000 ft. The ones in front are just little guys, about 2,200 ft..

It’s often difficult to take photos when you’re golfing because there’s a seriousness about keeping pace. But we were behind some slow old duffs, so I had time to pull out the camera.

I didn’t play my best today, but I did alright. I shot a 104. It took me 3 shots to get out of a bunker on a par-3, that hurt, and I totally wrecked the easy par-4 #18 and took a 7. Rats.

Wednesday, April 11

Made Sumpthin’

I made this fabric bowl this week. Innit sweet? It’s for J’s cousin Gerry in Alaska. Gerry likes to collect little bits of nature on her walks around the Kenai Peninsula. I hope she’ll enjoy using this bowl for her found objects.


Its innards consist of two layers of denim and Steam-a-Seam2.

In other news, not much. Still playing a lot of golf. Getting better at it. I think—I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and my scores to go back up. Weather has been amazing—I keep expecting the inferno, but just a few warm days so far. The storms that have been coming down the coast bring wind and cooler temps to the desert. Okay by me. Great weather for golf. Get it while you can.

Here’s a picture of the full moon rising a few days ago:


That’s all the news. Nothing exciting.

Tuesday, April 3

Life? Gooooood!

Here’s what *I* did today.


I have long wanted to take a photo of the first hole at the PGA West Weiskopf Private Course because it is so damn beautiful. Today, thanks to my mini camera that fits in my ditty bag, I could.


If you look real hard, you can see my second shot on the approach to the green on this par-4 below (in the center of the picture). I got par on this hole. Yay!!!


It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, no wind, and just a little warm on the last few holes. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I played the first six holes great and the last six holes great. But the middle six? They cost me. Who knows why—that’s golf. I posted a 106, a few strokes more than I would have liked. But that’s not bad for this difficult course.