I was so tired after walking miles over Singapore in the humid heat, that I ordered a glass of Chevrolet instead of Chardonnay.

Singapore has change a LOT since we were here 15 years ago. It’s got many more skyscrapers and it is growing by leaps and bounds. The city planners have done a fine job of laying out this beautiful city and planning for the future. All of Asia is on the rise, and exponentially. It is advanced, modern, uncommonly clean, but the old ethnic neighborhoods have stood the test of time. There is no trace of graffiti anywhere.

We marched all over Arab Street, which is famous for textiles, in search of batiks. No luck, but we found some breathtakingly beautiful fabrics and had a fantastic time browsing the shops. Everyone is so polite—no pressure to buy, just thank you for looking. IMG_8337

Then we went to Little India. The sights and smells were incredibly exotic.


We decided against getting a Henna tattoo. IMG_8343

The gold shops were many, and they were all packed. Gold is as expensive as it’s ever been in my memory, and it was selling like hotcakes everywhere. But it IS Christmas, after all. IMG_8346

Singapore seems predominantly populated by young people. The stores are all high-end and the people here have M-O-N-E-Y. I’d be willing to bet that chiffon dress with the feathers cost a lot. Her shoes and bag were top-notch, too. The young people are beautiful and rich. Who wouldn’t love that!


But man, is it crowded! Especially on the shopping streets. Every corner has a Gucci store (and Starbucks too), and $1,000 designer bags are a must. You wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less. IMG_8351

The economy here is strong. So is the law. If you get caught with a gun it’s death—literally. If you litter it’s a $500 fine and weeks of community service sweeping streets. Also, no one is on the dole without doing some kind of work to get it. Retirement age is 55. We know these things because we always engage the taxi drivers in conversation about their government and economy.

Christmas decorations and music are more in evidence here than in the US. There are Chinese, Hindu, Muslim, all living together and nobody bitches about Christmas decorations being not politically correct.


  1. Enjoying your view of the tell it like it is. Hope you get to someplace cooler.....

  2. Cackled at the Chevrolet! Such an interesting mix of rich and poor and race and culture and religion!

  3. Quite an adventure~looking forward to New Years ~Will be hoping for beautiful weather~sounds like you will be ready for something cooler!!!
    See you soon

  4. I cannot believe the crowd of people shopping. Very interesting to hear their laws and penalties. Like their retirement age, I wonder how they care for their elderly then if they have such early retirement. Heck I am 9 years overdue!


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