Singapore 2

What a city!! We had two days in Singapore, and we got to see some more of the city, but it did rain buckets. Here is a typical indoor mall, of which there are hundreds. Why shop outside in the stifling heat.


Singapore is mostly new and modern, but some evidence of the old British colonialism still stands. Singapore is in the process of eclipsing Hong Kong as Asia’s most vibrant city and financial hub…if they haven’t achieved this already.


This is the view of the future marina and waterfront park from our ship. They have built this area on reclaimed land—in other words they dredged the sea and expanded the land mass by 50%. 50%!! You can see the building cranes in the foreground, they are working 24/7 on this massive project, which should be complete in 2015.


The above hotel, the Marina Sands, has a garden and swimming pool on top. It looks as if a wedge is being driven through the tower on the left, splitting it in two.  I love architecture and this building is amazing. Let’s take a peek inside.

We’re in the lobby. Pretty awesome. One can’t capture its massive grandeur in a photo.


You can probably tell by the photos that it is cloudy and gray. It rains on and off and it is extremely humid (I don’t tolerate humidity well). We went shopping in Chinatown. Red—lucky Chinese color. Did you know that in Las Vegas they have red Mercedes limos to pick up Chinese gamblers at the airport? I think this is a bridal store.


We are still hanging out on deck waiting to depart—the sailaway party fizzled because the ship cannot leave until everyone’s passport is stamped by Singapore immigration control, and several people have held on to their passports. So we wait. I am drinking a Singapore Sling of course, and it has an umbrella because it is raining. Remember that line from Pulp Fiction? “If there’s an umbrella in my drink, it better be raining.”


Okay, we are finally underway, four hours late. Not that we care, but some people are unhinged about it, especially the captain. It cost the ship a serious chunk o’ change because four Russian passengers did not turn in their passports, despite the many announcements in Russian. Singapore takes immigration very seriously.IMG_8397

Satellite and internet is intermittent (i.e. mostly down), so it might be a while before I make a new blog.


  1. The building almost looks like a section of a pagoda. Better report my friend! Sounds like it is a good portion of the trip:)

  2. Well you look relaxed on the deck. I do remember that line hahaha. Beautiful shot of the cityscape. Hope you can continue to keep us informed.


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