Pattaya, Thailand

We chose not to take the 2.5 hour bus ride into Bangkok and stay overnight because we have been there and have seen all of Bangkok we cared to see. So we opted instead to take a short day trip to Pattaya (“PataYA”), a smaller resort city on the sea, only 40 minutes by bus. It is popular with eastern Europeans and Russians.IMG_8408

We expected to see some culture there, perhaps a temple, and I could show you some beautiful photos, but that was not the case. Pattaya is much like Bangkok, crowded and in disrepair, but without beautiful golden temples or peaceful gardens.

No temples, but many (and I mean MANY) so-called pink bars, even though prostitution is supposedly illegal. I resisted photographing the ladies sitting outside in mile-high stilletto heels offering their very specialized services.  Trust me when I say there were hundreds of ladies per block on the side streets.

Thailand is famous for massage, whether it comes with a happy ending or not. There are all kinds of Thai massage. Take Fish Spa, for example. It comes with free beer. You stick your feet in fish tanks and the little fishies eat your dead skin. It seemed horribly barbaric to me. 150 Baht works out to about $4.IMG_8400

This lady was selling sausages on the street. You bought the raw sausage and she cooked it for you on a little grill, so maybe they were okay to eat even though they were hanging in the hot sun, but I wasn’t willing to test this. Like I said, the clientele is largely eastern European and Russian, and she was selling a lot of sausages. She knows what they like to eat. IMG_8402

Their electrical system seems a little outdated.IMG_8410

But their buses are very modern and futuristic looking.IMG_8407

Sorry I don’t have pictures of peaceful temples or smiling Buddhas to show you—I wish I saw some. I wish I saw one. We did see a delightful Thai puppet show on our ship last night, but I didn’t have my camera.

Today the ship is very quiet as most people are still in Bangkok. We are docked in a very busy port. It’s quite interesting to watch the operations. The giant cranes lift two containers at a time, and there are currently three huge container vessels being loaded and unloaded on just the side we can see. Thailand makes Toyotas and Hondas and there are probably 5,000 cars out there waiting to be exported. Acres and acres of cars.


  1. Just last night we were talking about going to Thailand to see the golden buddhas....P has been there and it's always on my wish list.....He loved Bangkok 40 years ago ! And.....we had those nibbling fish here, my neighbor went, loved the feel and results and then Florida declared them illegal. Glad you left the sausage for the Russians.


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