Hong Kong: Sensory Overload

I like Hong Kong, I really do. Yes it’s crowded, but it is orderly. Clean. Efficient. One of the most amazing places on the planet. English is widely spoken, so it’s easy to get around, and people are very polite.


Leave it to the Chinese to have a cruise ship welcome center that is a giant shopping/entertainment complex four stories high with an exit that is nowhere in site—it’s a little like trying to find your way out of a casino in Las Vegas: next to impossible. Note the red Christmas trees. They had maybe a hundred red trees.


The shops are exquisite. But unaffordable now. When we came here 15 years ago my $300 mad money was worth something like $500, now it’s worth more like $200. I really had designs on dropping some coin here but I can get the same stuff cheaper at home. Bargains are a thing of the past.

The Chinese do everything in a big way. They have money, too. Big money. They’re wealthy. They wear high-end clothes—Rolex watches, Louis Vuitton handbags, and brands I don’t even know about. They have left us westerners in the dust. No trace of global economic crisis here. For them, money begets money. I get it.


We hit Nathan Road, the major shopping area, for old-time’s sake. It hasn’t changed much, it’s mile after mile of jewelry and watch shops. I wonder how many watches and diamonds there are in store windows in this region—has to be zillions.


This little girl was delighted with the big crabs in the tanks. I tried to get a shot of her face but then a hundred million people moved into the space between us. The kids are adorable and the parents dress them up so cute. And they’re very well behaved, too.


There are SO MANY PEOPLE here!!! I couldn’t help thinking, what could this little girl aspire to be when she grows up to earn a living when there are so many people to compete against for a job in the world. Plus, everyone excels here. The pressure to rise above the masses must be unimaginable.


  1. Thanks Rian,
    really interesting post.. I wonder if things will change in the human rights department in China if the people in the country continue to get richer

  2. Thanks for always sharing your adventures with us. Have a Merry Christmas, and don't worry about laundry, it will wait for you.
    xox m

  3. I had similar thoughts in Beijing. China is hard to believe.


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