Da Nang, Viet Nam

We have had internet connection problems and I haven’t been able to get online for several days. But we are doing well and enjoying our journey.

Yesterday the ship called at the central part of Viet Nam, Da Nang, another place-name I remember from the evening news during my teen years. As soon as I get home I must read some history about Viet Nam and the War. Having now been here, it takes on new meaning.


Time has forgotten this area of the world. Except for motorbikes, life goes on much the same as it has for decades. This guy has chickens in the cages and roosters tied to the front of his bike. Rice paddies are in the background. IMG_8635

Some still use bicycles to take their goods to market in this area.IMG_8676

The people are lovely and friendly. They live a simple, hard-working life.IMG_8688

Daily life in the village of Hoi An, a delightful village. We had the most delicious lunch here. I like Vietnamese food—it’s delicate and slightly sweet. IMG_8693


  1. How interesting is this. Feel sorry for the chickens and roosters but love the people and the food.


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