Up in a Sea of Cardinal (USC)

It might be an understatement to say that I am not much of a football fan. I hadn’t been to a football game since college. Until yesterday.

Meet Sue. Sue and I play golf together. She is a USC alum and a rabid USC football fan. She treated us to a day at the game. Here she is making bloody marys in the back of her vehicle.


Everyone is a rabid fan. I was overwhelmed by color everywhere. There must have been a thousand of these tents, and I believe the color of this person’s vehicle is no coincidence, either. IMG_7869

Especially this one. IMG_7801

Even the rival team, in this case the Oregon Ducks, is decked out in their school colors.

We walked around the beautiful campus and had lunch. Then, in a little while, a parade started up. IMG_7876

Well if it isn’t the famously cool USC Trojans band, up close! Don’t you just love marching bands?IMG_7888

Here they are later on the field. IMG_7900

I had so much fun. I even got to pet Traveler.IMG_7865

Here is Traveler later on the field. Traveler has his own website. IMG_7918

And. if all that excitement and spectacle wasn’t enough, you got to see a football game! It was an exciting game, but the Trojans lost, 62 – 51.

Oh, and as an added bonus, we walked over to the science center across the street and saw THIS! The space shuttle! Oh wow. Very, VERY big wow.

It is so big I couldn’t get all of it in one picture, and I am up against the wall in the corner. This is its temporary shelter.  They are collecting funds to build it a permanent home.

Here is a shot of its rear end.

It was an absolutely perfect, fun-filled day. Thanks, Sue!


  1. What a fun day, I'm glad to see you wore an appropriately colored t-shirt for the occasion. That VW bus is very cool, it's nice to see one in such good shape.

  2. What an awesome day you had! I saw them roll the shuttle down the street when it first got there. You just have no idea how enormous the thing is I guess. And I love marching bands also. Can't get enough of John Philip Sousa!

  3. Great pics of a fun day! And bloody marys, too; can't beat that!

  4. Who cares about the game? What a cool day you had in spite of it being about football :-)

    I love a Marching Band, too (and spent time in one in High School, but WOW, the space shuttle, up close and personal. I'm very envious of that experiences.

  5. What a grand day! Love that you shared it. That fan with the VW van is truly dedicated.

    Love marching bands. My daughter was in her high school band and I loved going to watch them march and play.

    Getting to see the space shuttle to top it all off....and it does look huge!

  6. Fun photos! You went north? I think the Huskies played USC recently also..... The teams must like getting away from the rain! Looks like you've been doing a lot of golfing with good weather, even.


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