The Tropics

We’ve been at sea for a while and there hasn’t been much to show you. We don’t have a lot of distance to cover from port to port, so we’ve been going very slow. Verrrry slooooow. This is a real smooth ride.

We stopped in Airlie Beach today. There’s not much there—beachwear shops, a flea market, and a McDonald’s. Meh. I guess if your thing is going to a sandy beach…but we both lived at the beach in our younger days so that’s of no interest to us, and the sun is killer here—not to mention there are jellyfish that can kill you in four minutes. I looked at some Australian opals but the jewery designs were uninspired. Below is the only photo I snapped. It is becoming hot and humid as we get nearer to the equator.


We had a storm yesterday afternoon, that was interesting. Yawn.


Sailaway from Airlie Beach (Whitsundays) today. As you can see, it’s largely uninhabited. Save for the tourist shops of course. There are a few grand homes high in the hills. It’s beautiful, but I’d be bored to tears here. IMG_8194

At least the skies have cleared and I might be able to see the southern hemisphere stars tonight. It has been cloudy until today. Oh, but wait—it’s a full moon. Not good for star gazing.

I have caught a cold. We think on the train trip to the Blue Mountains. Some girl was barking and blowing and she sounded very sick, plus the weather was dreadful there. I catch everything no matter how careful I am, hence I’m a bit of a germophobe with the hand-washing and sanitizer. I brought cold meds and antibiotics (experience has taught me), so I’ll be fine in a few days. But I’ve decided to skip the Great Barrier Reef excursion. I’m pretty pissed about it, too. Meh.

This part of the world may be boring, but the ship is lovely and our cabin is very nice. Satellite has been intermittent, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, that’s why.