Tales From the Forward Tees

Alan and Cheryl came out from Los Angeles to play golf with me. The weather has been outta sight!

We got up before sunrise to tee it up at dawn. It’s already pretty darn chilly in the mornings, but when the sun comes up it gets very warm.


We played beautiful Eagle Falls, and it was opening day. The grass was lush and gorgeous.


Because of the fresh winter grass it was cart-path only, which meant we had to park and walk to the ball. And back. We were pretty worn out at the end but thankful that we are still physically able to do this. I wonder what it is that draws us in so…


We are over on the north side of the Coachella Valley, so these are the Chocolate Mountans (below). You are used to seeing the Santa Rosas, which are on the south side of the valley. These mountains aren’t as impressive as the Santa Rosas, but when the sun sets in the west these mountains are ablaze in orange and purple.

It is so beautiful here. I love it.


The second day we played Tahquitz Creek (“tokwits”) in old Palm Springs. Tahquitz is one of the first golf courses I ever played on so it holds a special place in my heart. I used to score in the 130s in those days. This day I got 105. 105 Seems to be my number lately.

THESE are the Santa Rosas. Higher. Sharper.


Sunrise on the Santa Rosa Mountains. San Jacinto peak to be exact.



  1. Just beautiful. A sharp contrast to the photos I posted today. Our country is so wonderful that way.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I like both mountain ranges. And it's good for you to walk to the ball! Get movin'!

  3. What a beautiful 2 days of golf~the weather was perfect~my games were not too good~but I'm ready to give it another try on Tuesday!!!! Your games were really good~DARN~~you really "wooped my ass!!!" Wait till next time~I'm going to bring my A Game~Thats really a joke~what A Game?
    Love to you guys

  4. What a gorgeous sunrise! Santa Rosa Mountains--what an apt name!


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