Sydney Day 4

It has turned a little bit cold and blustery with intermittent showers. I don’t know what the latitude of Sydney is, but I’d say the climate feels like San Francisco in spring (it’s spring down here). So it’s a little chilly right now, and the wind blows up from the harbor like it comes off Lake Michigan in Chicago.

We trekked all over the city for two days and we have completely worn ourselves out.

We went to the Australia Museum where we learned how the Brits displaced and made slaves out of the Aboriginal natives in the name of colonization, just like they did in Africa and America, with similar resentments and uprisings as outcome.

But we also saw some Aboriginal art, which was what I was interested in.IMG_8015

The bottom pictures depict the three wise men and the last supper. IMG_8018

We went to Harry’s Café de Wheels (so named because it started its life as a wagon in the late 40s), which is a landmark joint and has pictures of the famous people who have eaten there over the years.


Of course we had to stop. The pies were good but we couldn’t help thinking of Sweeney Todd while we ate them.IMG_8024

Sydney is a great city—easy to get around, very compact, and we’ve done all of Sydney we wanted to do. Tomorrow we board the cruise ship.


  1. Looks like quilt inspiration for sure!

  2. Oh, I envy you this trip! I've always wanted to go to Australia, but have to admit that so many hours on a plane is a big deterrent. Love the art, Rian.

  3. Since you're a day ahead, I guess those pies 'n' peas were your Thanksgiving dinner.


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