Happy Thanksgiving!

We are celebrating Thanksgiving today—it’s Friday, but it coincides with your Thanksgiving on Thursday because we are a day ahead of you. We watched football—sans nachos and beer, what’s up with that—and we will have turkey dinner with all the trimmings tonight.

Yesterday we sailed away from Sydney as the sun was going down on a cloudy, cold day. Sydney is THE perfect city. They got it right. We never saw a kangaroo, but other people did.IMG_8073

Now we are making our way north on the east coast of Australia. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up! The ship has a cool vodka ice bar. It has a whole lot of cool stuff. So life is very good. IMG_8081-001

I thought these lamps in one of the specialty restaurants were extremely cool. In case you you can’t tell, they are suspended from a mirrored ceiling. How clever!IMG_8075

The ship sports a proper casino, which is dark right now because we are in port. I am looking forward to growing my gambling stash. Hopefully. IMG_8080

We wish everyone back home a happy Thanksgiving. All is well on this side of the planet.


  1. If you could pull it off the lamp photo would be a very interesting quilt!

  2. Thanksgiving Down Under -- way to go, Rian!


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