Down Undah

Boys and girls, it’s a LOOOOOOONG way down here. I think we were 23 hours in the air, plus several hours in airports. Hey, it’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow, I know because it’s already tomorrow here. It is 4:00 in the afternoon on Saturday here and 9:00 Friday night back in California.

You obviously know this is the Sydney Opera House, but it’s the first picture I took and good proof that we’re here. We’ll get up close and personal with it later, but from here it looks as if the “sails” are made of interlocking ceramic tiles. Circular Quay, which is the waterfront area, is a five-minute walk from our hotel. IMG_7928

If I turn around 180 degrees, this is the view on the other side of Circular Quay. This is where our cruise ship will dock in five or so days. IMG_7931

We walked around an area called “The Rocks,” which is the old town and waterfront, and had lunch with great people-watching. The Aussies don’t look much different from us, and they are exceedingly friendly. Everyone is. Sydney is a squeaky clean, lovely city. IMG_7933

Maybe I’ll get a chance to try this stuff while I’m here. It’s what the kids take to school in their lunch box—Vegemite sandwich. IMG_7936

We’re back in our hotel for a nap before heading back out to see what’s happening on a Saturday night. See you real soon!


  1. Ohh, I'm so happy your safely there and have invited us least until the ships WIFI charges stop the sharing. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand but that long sky ride keeps me grounded. Can't wait to see more !

  2. For a minute looking at the buildings, I thought you were in Houston. Unfortunately, Houston doesn't have the old quaint area or the Opera House.

    I bet the Opera House is something up close and personal.

  3. Vegemite: JUST SAY NO!!!!!!! An acquired taste, I guess...our exchange students both ate it everyday, but for Americans, um, hmmm, not for me, no way...yuuu-ukkkkk! Very jealous of your trip!

  4. Enjoy it all! And soak up some of that sunshine for me!

  5. I just saw Brisbane was getting a soaking and thought of you...glad you are at the other end of the continent! G'Day!


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