Pronounced “cans” like cans of soup. The Aussies pronounce a lot of words very different than we do, and sometimes it’s challenging to understand them. At our dinner table we have 2 Aussies, 2 Brits, 2 Scots, and 2 Yanks (that’s us). It’s impossible to carry on a conversation.

Cairns is a lovely small city whose main industry is tourism because of the proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. We almost bought a digiridoo, which is an Aboriginal thing. They are beautiful musical instruments that produce a sound like nothing you have ever heard. But we simply have no place to put it. Here the shop owner is demonstrating the variety of tones from the different didgeridoos. IMG_8210

There are a lot of beautiful trees here, but I haven’t been able to get good photos of them because we see most of them out the windows of a bus. But here’s a Poinciana tree, not sure on the spelling on that but that’s what it sounds like. Some of these are completely orange and spread out over an entire yard like a canopy. Stunning.IMG_8201

After we marched around Cairns we took the tender back to the ship. The sun was going down just as we were about to board the ship, which is anchored far from shore because the water is shallow. We are actually anchored at the reef, which extends for miles and miles along the coast. You can’t see anything from topside, just different colors of water according to the varying depths.  IMG_8214

Our butler had wine, cheese and crackers waiting for us when we got back to our cabin. IMG_8219

Today Jim is snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. As are a lot of people, because it’s very quiet around the ship. I stayed behind because of my cold, which seems to be not getting any worse. Maybe even a little better. I don’t feel too bad, I’m just being super cautious.

Our next port is Darwin, on the top of Australia. We’ll pull up anchor this afternoon and it will take us a day and a half to get there.


  1. This seems like a particularly wonderful trip, Rian, so I hope your cold continues to improve!

  2. Hi Rian,
    I haven't been keeping up with blogs! You are really traveling! Love your photos. Yes, a didgeridoo makes a very weird sound. Don't know where I ever heard one, but I have. I'm sorry to hear that you have a cold. I hope that your feel better soon!

  3. G'day Mates! Did you get my msg on facebook? Mikie says the beautibul tree is called a Royal Poinciana in the Bahamas.
    Big Sister

  4. Play your didgeridoo, Blue
    Play your didgeridoo
    Oh, like keep playing till I shoot through, Blue
    Play your didgeridoo

    Have fun down under!


  5. Once in a while my butler...oops I mean hubby....has that waiting for me when I get home from work.

    Get better soon. What a beautiful sunset there.


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