Tis the Season (Already?)

Have you noticed that the stores have their Christmas stuff out already? Did you cringe and say “Holy fruitcake! It’s not even Halloween yet! What are they thinking!”

This year I have come to realize that there are legions of people who actually NEED to get Christmas going early and appreciate this folly.

Having shared this revelation, I am shopping for giftwrap and cards already. True. We are leaving on yet another sojourn in three weeks and I have to have everything thought out, bought (or made), boxed (that’s a problem), gift-wrapped, ribboned, packaged up, and taken to the post office by November 13.

Here are the quilts I made for some lucky family members:

You can’t tell from the photo, but it is roughly queen size. My son is a big, strapping fireman and needs a big quilt. He’s into sailing and all the motifs are nautical.


This one is for 4 year old Savannah. It’s reversible. The motif is fairies and it has sparkles. Savannah definitely digs fairies.



  1. I think those early XMas loving people need help!!! LOL!

    Both sets of quilts look great. Good luck with the early preparations:) I will be enjoying my Halloween candy...:)

  2. For the 1st time in a long time, I made the switch from summer to fall in a timely manner. It isn't always easy here with the warm weather.

    My peeps got quilts in August for their birthdays so "make and take" is over for them this year!

    I'm sure your peeps will love the quilts.

  3. Gorgeous quilts for you family. How lucky are they to have you! As a retailer it is always hard not to start reminding people of the upcoming Christmas season as soon as you can to get some extra sales in this tough retail market.

  4. Lucky, lucky recipients of your gorgeous quilts!

    "Holy Fruitcake" Indeed! I will be the typical procrastinator and have to endure the stress of last minute decisions again this year. Your mention of gift cards, however, may save me some agonizing.

    Envy your efficiency!

  5. Love both of your quilts! They are sure to be well received. Isn't it amazing how the holidays are pushed earlier every year? You watch, the stroke of 12 will see Valentine's stuff or maybe even Easter. Where are you headed next? Somewhere fun and warm, I hope!


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