Summer is Over!

Fall is in the air—it dropped to 77 degrees (high) this week. It’s glorious! We can sleep with the windows open, we can go for a mid-morning walk, and we’re back to saying every day how beautiful it is here. Another indicator was that the parking lot at the supermarket was full today. It’s like night and day. Reservations are now needed at restaurants and there are no more early dinner specials.

And golf season is upon us—yippee! It’s not official until November, and most of the courses around the desert are still closed for overseeding, but we have begun playing. We tee it up really early, just as the sun is coming up and casting pink shadows on the mountains. There is a chill in the clear desert air and stars are still visible in the sky. We have to wear our fleece for the first few holes and the ol’ joints are rusty and stiff, oh but it feels so good to be out there. There is nothing like standing on a fairway in the first light of day, feeling the club slide through the soft green grass, and hearing that perfect “thwack” as the club connects with the ball in the sweet spot…and your ball doesn’t go in the water on the right. Thank you, golf gods.


Activity has begun to stir in the studio, too. I got everything all cleaned up, got rid of the spideys, bought some fabric, and started some drawings. Nothing to show yet, but the gears are starting to turn. Ideas are perking and the antennae are up.

Jim’s shoulder surgery went better than expected and he’s already out of the sling and should be doing dishes soon. The sheets and towels from the summer guests have been laundered and put away, and all is well.


  1. Appears more than the golf gods are residing with you at the moment!

  2. Life in the desert(and the foothills) is very good right now. Happy golfing!

  3. Glad Jim's surgery went well! I know you are glad to see the end of your hot summer and are ready to welcome fall!


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