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Now THIS is scary! 14EA6F97-188B-3B72-2E2BBFF5E667987A

Big golf game tomorrow—I’m going out to clean my clubs and bag after I finish this. The Nick Tournament course, which is the course I live on, opened yesterday and we’re going to play it tomorrow. It is a monster of a course and we won’t able to drive on the grass, so there will be a lot of extra walking and climbing up and down over hill and dale, which will really test my hips and my endurance. Hopefully I’ll stay out of the sand traps, that will help. No, I don’t have to swim over to that green. But I have to lay up just right and hit to it, and not go long over the back to those huge sand traps. Just looking at it is enough to make me tremble in my saddle oxfords. Don’t look, don’t look. 

I bought two pieces of luggage—I am thrilled. I have increased my carryon capacity 3X and I have four wheels instead of two. Can’t wait to go on the next trip…which is in a couple of weeks.


I’m ashamed to say how much the two pieces cost. We went to a proper luggage store and I took into consideration the “value” brands, but this was JUST RIGHT. Next week, after JJ gets over sticker shock, we’re going back for a large piece for him. His bag didn’t hold up as well as mine even though they are the same brand and have been on the same number of trips.

IMG_7791I’ve been drawing zebras. What I learned in the process is that no two zebras look alike, and the stripes are symmetrical—same on both sides. I guess that makes good sense. In Africa I was told that zebras are striped black ‘n white because lions don’t see color and thus don’t see the zebras. But Wikipedia says the stripes evolved to keep biting flies away. As I drew the stripes they reminded me of a clownfish. So I might color them orange and periwinkle.

Have you ever heard of MSM? DD Michelle, who is on a health-nut kick, learned about it from her nutritionist and recommended it to me for joint pain (my poor, tired, put-upon hips). It is also supposed to help migraines, plus a slew of other ills that didn’t apply to me. I’m here to report that IT WORKS! My joint pain has gone from about a 7 to a 2, and my flexibility has increased to the point where I can actually stretch. I’m overjoyed. I can’t say for the migraines yet. I haven’t had one since I started taking it, but it’s not uncommon for me to go three weeks without one. Dare I get my hopes up?


  1. Oooohhh, looking forward to the zebras!

  2. Have a wonderful golf day. Those zebras are going to be way cool.

  3. I always wanted to do a zebra quilt. I never got around to it. How do your hips feel after golf?

  4. MSM = Miami Sound Machine

    (Remember when back in the good ole days of blogging when we had lofty lose weight goals & such? I'm down 8 dress sizes! I've been working out with a personal trainer. I hope that muscle really does weigh more than fat because I have only lost 20 lbs.)

  5. Good luck on that hole...scary is right.

    That MSM sounds like it might be the answer for lots of people! Keep us posted about it.


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