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Dear Diary~~

While looking for an old photo today, I realized that I have been blogging for a long time. I started Rian’s Pages in 2005 to chronicle my quilts, share my work with other quilters and maybe offer some tips, and share techniques. In the seven years I have lorded over this domain, I have posted several thousand pictures, told many stories, made a few quilts, shared some techniques and recipes, collaborated on a quilt or two, swapped fabric, and, perhaps most importantly, made some new friends.

The blog has become more than a chronicle of my quilts, it’s a chronicle of my life. In addition to the quilting content, it shows that I moved a few times, nursed a sick husband for a few years, threw a bunch of dinner parties and brunches, joined a few golf clubs and played a few hundred rounds of golf, traveled to foreign lands several times and put on a few pounds, bought a motorhome, rediscovered photography, took a million photos, wrote a couple books (unpublished), suffered through countless migraines, and made a lot of friends online. And over the years I’ve shared triumphs and sorrows with those friends.

I don’t blog as much as I used to, partly because Facebook came along, and partly because I don’t make as many quilts as I used to. But I like to write just for the sake of writing, and, as I discovered today, looking back through my pages sheds a lot of insight as to what’s gone down in X amount of years and how I felt about it at the time. Memories are rekindled that may have otherwise faded. I see pictures of places I’ve visited and remember the awe-inspiring beauty of those lands. I see pictures of Riley and my heart fills with dog-love all over again. I see pictures of my kids and grandkids and I am transported back to the times we spent together. I see pictures of my friends from the central coast and I am reminded of how wonderful people are. I am reminded of the fun, exciting life Jim and I have had. It’s like counting blessings.

I don’t read as many blogs as I used to either, and I don’t get as many visitors to mine…partly because the posts are fewer, and people’s lives get busier and busier. Nobody wants to read through all the minutae. I think that’s why Facebook and other social media are so popular—it’s like blogging lite and so easy to check in with your smartphone. Click, click, done.

But blogging has character and substance that Facebook doesn’t have. It’s real writing. Paragraphs. Trains of thought that have to flow in context. It requires focus, something we humans seem to be lacking more and more. And it requires time, another thing we have less of.

With Facebook, you upload or “share” a picture and write six words. And people can “Like” it with a single click. Sometimes a few words of comment are supplied. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It has its place. It is much easier to keep up with family when traveling, that’s for sure. Uploading pictures to a blog is a frustrating experience with slow (and expensive) wifi at sea. Facebook is much easier. And birthday wishes are a click away.

So let’s have a picture today.


You obviously know this is the view from my back yard. They have just changed out the summer grass for winter grass and the golf course has not yet opened for the season. It’s brand-new, virgin winter grass. The sun was just about to go behind the mountain and the shadows are long and the colors saturated.

Today my house is being cleaned (goodbye spiderwebs) while JJ and I are loafing in the casita. He’s watching football and I’m talking to you. Pictures of zebras are spread out and after I shut down I’m going to work up some drawings.


  1. Hands down, I still prefer blogging over all the other social media.

    When my computer crashed yesterday, I didn't feel quite as bad as I could have because I knew the best of my pictures were on my blog.

    I still continue to check in and am always happy to read what's going on at your house.

  2. I'll echo what Deb said (minus the computer crash, thankfully!). As long as you're writing, I'll be checking in with you.

  3. It's all part and parcel of checking in with people-FB, blogging, telephone, whatever. It's the willingness to keep in touch that matters.

    Beautiful view from the backyard. Those mountains are always spectacular.

  4. Very well said Rian and I feel exactly the same way. I don't blog as often either and I don't read as many blogs but I still have ones I never miss and yours is one of them.

  5. I enjoy all the things you blog about. I may not visit everyday but when I do I catch up with what you have been up to. I love traveling with you since I do little of that myself. I love seeing your backyard because it is such a different view from mine. I love hearing about your golf scores and cheering you on.
    And it goes without saying that your quilts are always spectacular so I look forward to seeing Zebras soon.

  6. Yikes, when I started reading your post, I thought, 'Oh no, she's closing her blog.' Thankfully, you aren't! I enjoy reading about your life, projects, thoughts, and even golf! (have learned some about if from you...) So glad you are "hanging in"! (and boy, I wish someone would come and swap out our grass, er, moss!)

  7. Like Judy, I had a moment of consternation! So glad that my fear was unrealized--you aren't closing your blog. I check Facebook every so often, but there is such an impersonal feel to FB, while blogging creates friendships. We may never meet our blogging friends, but blogging does, nevertheless, create friendships that matter!


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