Hey, Remember Me?

Hi, we are back from Europe. I’ve been busy unpacking and putting the house back in order. Daughter Michelle and grand Savannah were here (we’re talking early August) and we all took the motorhome to the beach for a month. We left for Europe only a few days after we returned, so even the sheets and towels haven’t been laundered in the guest room and the studio still has fabric scraps on the floor from the last two quilts. That’s how far behind I am. 

In La Rochelle, France.

Spiders and other tiny things took up residence in the nooks and crannies of our house while we were gone. But that’s life in the desert in an empty dwelling. I need to have the ladies in to clean but first I have to put everything away so they can. 

Crazy me, I played golf the day before we left. There was a break in the searing hot weather and it felt so good to get out there—it was a glorious day and I hadn’t played in a long while, and it would be another month before I would play again. Happy, happy. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I pulled a hamstring taking my ball out of the cup on the second hole and by the end of the front nine I felt it was best to quit, given that we were leaving the next day.

The hamstring was a minor nuisance, and just about the time it had quieted down I took a header in the bathroom on the ship. I was hurrying and I tripped on the little threshold and went flying across the tiny bathroom. I landed safely, but on the slide into home plate I tore something in my left butt. Ouch! I was okay on walking on flat ground, but any ramps, stairs, curbs, etc were killer. And there are tons of all those to navigate getting on and off a ship and in port. You don’t realize it when all your parts are in working order.

I played golf a couple days ago on an executive course—I never turn down an invitation to play—and by the end of the round it felt the best it had felt in weeks. More proof that golf fixes everything.

Gibraltar—a colony of monkeys lives on the rock.

Today I am taking Jim in to get his rotator cuff repaired. We think he tore it hefting luggage in Africa a year ago. It has bothered him ever since and he wanted to get it repaired before it tore any further. It’s outpatient surgery and he’ll be in a sling for several weeks and won’t be able to do much. He helps a lot around the house so it will be tough. 

Okay, so what was the highlight of my trip? This.

It’s the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.

I have wanted to see this structure ever since I first saw it in National Geographic over ten years ago. Unfortunately it was rainy and gloomy that day, but I got to see it and touch it (it’s made out of titanium) and go inside. Bilbao is kind of off the beaten tourist path—it’s up  on the top of Spain.


I also dug the London Eye. When we disembarked, the setting sun cast the most beautiful light on the Parliament buildings. Please click to embiggen.


Well, that’s the news. I’ve got all my pictures up HERE should you want to take a look, but I’ve been told there’s a problem with the link—but I think I've fixed it—so let me know if you can’t go there.

I am itching to get into the studio—I have ideas.


  1. So much to do at once! Glad you are back and getting organized. I hope Jim's surgery goes well. Sorry too that you were ailing a bit, gimping around on your trip. Funny how you just assume everything will be in working order when you need it to be!

    Love the museum pic-that is a crazy building. I will see too if that link works. Glad you are back:)

  2. Welcome home. The link worked for me and your photos are fabulous. What a great tour you had.

  3. What a great trip. Looking forward to seeing what you produce in your studio! Good luck to Jim with his surgery and glad to hear the hamstring is getting better.

  4. Welcome home! Your pictures are wonderful and you certainly saw some beautiful sights. Hope Jim's surgery goes well. I'm sure your golf clubs are glad you are back!

  5. Ah, yes, the monkeys in Gibralter, lved them =-)...there was a baby born the morning of the day we were there and we got to see it being cuddled by its family unit right in front of us! And, oh my, yes, the Bilbao Guggenheim. Wasn't it just amazing? I really enjoyed the short time we were in Bilbao and think I would like to go back for a longer visit =-) Did you go to Guernsey? Pont Aven and St. Emilion? Gonna check out your pics =-)

  6. Sounds as if you had a wonderful trip! Love the baby monkey and protective mother--what a great pic.


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