Postcard from Belgium

We are in Brugge today, a charming little Flemish town in Belgium. Here you will find beer, waffles, frites (french fries), chocolate, and handmade lace. The weather started out blustery and choppy and we didn’t know if the ship could dock, but we were able to come onshore after all. The weather turned beautiful. We have been very lucky with the weather.

IMG_7274 copy

Waiting for beer and cheese croquettes at a sidewalk cafe. I am not a beer drinker but I always try the local fare. The beer was very good and did not give me a headache like American beer does.


I’ve been having problems uploading so I am keeping photos to a minimum. We’re having lots of fun wearing out our poor feet on cobblestones. This is a very port-intensive journey… tomorrow is Honfleur, France.


  1. Aren't the waffles wonderful? Love the lace also.

  2. As usual, it appears that you are making the most of your trip! Enjoy!

  3. I check every day for an update !! Was in Belgium many years ago....bought a beautiful tapestry handbag.
    Great pic....!!

  4. You look great! Looking forward to the rest of the travelogue:)


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