Home Again For a Little While

Gosh, can we believe it is September already? Some of my friends around the blogosphere have commented that Fall is in the air already. DD Michelle, who lives in Connecticut, says the air is starting to get crispy.


Here in the desert I have noticed a bit of cooling as well. We are still getting some monsoon weather, which brings steam-bath humidity and flash-flood warnings, but morning temperatures are slipping back into the high 70s instead of the high 80s. And the clouds cast intriguing shadows on the majestic purple mountains. The sky changes minute by minute.

We rolled the motorhome home and back into storage without incident, despite the fact that we—well, JJ drove, but I was on high alert all the way—had to navigate the tangled mess of truck-heavy freeways and interchanges in the Riverside-San Bernardino area. Fortunately, wind in the Banning Pass was minimal. The next day I took JJ back to Oceanside to fetch his car, 3 hours each way. He followed me home. We stopped in Temecula for lunch, and I had an unusual dish that was grilled chicken breast on top of rice and shredded lettuce, with tomatoes and avocados. It was so good! On route 60 through Moreno Valley we got caught in a monster storm. Lordy, I have never seen it rain so hard!

Here’s a snippet about it:

Heavy monsoonal moisture moved up from Mexico and got caught in a subtropical disturbance along the way. As this air mass moved into the mountains of southern Riverside County it was caught in what is known as the Elsinore Convergence, a point in the Lake Elsinore-Perris-Hemet-Riverside area where onshore winds coming around the Santa Ana Mountains from the south and north join.The winds moved upward, creating a strong storm. Winds of 60 mph as well as lightning and heavy rain are typical of these storms.

The Elsinore Convergence! Who knew!


This was the sunset our last night in Oceanside. The orange sunset definitely spells Fall. At first I thought the land mass was Catalina, but the shape wasn’t right, so I zoomed in on it and it is the coastline way up north. The light in the center is from a fishing boat.

Now we are preparing for our next journey. We leave in 6 days. We will spend a few days in London, then board a cruise ship that will go to the north of France and Spain, around the Iberian Peninsula and through the Strait of Gibraltar, ending in Barcelona. After that we’re going off on our own to explore the Piedmont region of Italy where Barolo is made.

I’ll see you in October!


  1. I was just saying this morning that, in spite of the lingering heat, there is a new feeling to the air and the light... We'll have heat for awhile, into October probably, but I won't care cuz I'll be in NY! ha! I just knew that was the trip you were going on. LOVED it! If you get a chance, try to go to St. Emilion, France, Bordeaux region, and a world heritage site, wineries nearby=-) So incredible! Oh, and say hi to my guy, Harry, if you see him in London =-) Bon voyage, sistah!

  2. Unbelievable sunset.

    Have a great trip as I am sure you will. Sounds like a lot of fun especially the Barolo at the end!!!

  3. That sunset is drop dead gorgeous, crying to be done in fabric!

    Enjoy your trip, safe travels.

  4. Beautiful sunset! Have a fabulous trip, and travel safe.

  5. The trip sounds perfect.....and we get to see some great travel photos. Have a relaxing trip.....and when you get back, it will be perfect golf weather.

  6. It sure isn't crisp here in southern Ontario - still high humidity and drought like conditions. Have a wonderful trip and I'll look forward to looking at all your pictures.

    Stay safe.

  7. No, I can't believe that it is already September!

    I love "The Elsinore Convergence"-- bet Hamlet would, too!

    Your trip sounds really cool, Rian. Have fun!

  8. What a beautiful sunset!

    Have a fun trip to Europe! & Please share lots of pictures!


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