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I’ve been busy getting the motorhome ready to roll. We took it out and washed it—of course it rained that day. It rains like five days a year here. It didn’t get wet, we got it back in it’s covered storage bay before it rained, but we COULD have left it out in the rain to wash off the roof before we washed it. By the way, washing a motorhome is a big deal. I was stiff and sore for two days.

Believe it or not, we don’t have water-shortage problems here. How can that be, with the drought situation all over the land and all the golf courses and resorts we keep green and lush? Well, there are underground springs—as in Palm Springs? Yep, that’s where we get our water for irrigation, and so far there’s plenty of it. Drinking water comes from the Colorado River and the California Aqueduct.

But back to rolling the motorhome. We’re going over to the coast for three weeks, I wish it could be longer but [other people’s] schedule SNAFUs made it what it is. We’ve got lots of fun things planned for our time there, one of them being GOLF!  YESSS! I’ve got some golf games scheduled and I’m going to take some lessons at the Carlsbad Golf Center.

Okay, so this picture is of Torrey Pines. Close enough.
Torey Pines south

We’ve been doing a lot of this:
Well, ONE of us has been glued, the other one is in and out. I am married to a certified sports NUT. Anything with a score in it. He’s in Hog Heaven right now, flipping back ‘n forth to golf.

I haven’t been doing a lot in the studio, we’re having problems with the AC out there and it’s too hot to work. We’ve had the AC boys out three times and it just doesn’t get cool enough…like it did BEFORE we got the new air conditioner!

But I did manage to get the pillow done that goes with Andrew’s quilt.
I IMG_7134

I love the jaunty diagonal stripe. I’m a little disappointed in how loose it is though, the directions said to make it 1” larger than the pillow and I almost didn’t have enough fabric to make it 1/2” larger, and it’s still loose! I think a lot of it is how the crummy pillow insert is made—there ain’t nothing in the corners, no matter how much you shush it. I could turn it inside out (it has a zipper) and make it smaller, but then the stripe would be off and it’s perfectly centered to the corners—I don’t know how THAT happened. Luck.

That’s Raven on the left, I cannot for the life of me make up my mind whether to put that charcoal binding on it or turn the edges. Here’s another picture just for drill since I’m standing nearby with my camera. I positively can NOT get a clear, sharp photo of this thing. Maybe it’s my eyes.


Well, that’s all the news. Weather is beautiful today.  


  1. Looking forward to seeing you for the races and dinner AND GOLF~~Spent all day taking wallpaper off the wall downstairs~ bathroom project~guy for plastering didn't do it in time~sooo~Wonderwoman to the rescue. Read facebook for the continuing saga "Bathroom Redo Fun"

  2. I learned from my mom, the former upholsterer that you cut the fabric for pillow and cushion covers the SAME SIZE as the insert. After if's sewn together, the seams make the cover slightly smaller than the pillow and the result is a nice fit.

  3. A few days in San Diego sounds perfect to me. The weather there is always ideal: warm but seldom too hot. Enjoy your visit, especially the golf.


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