Postcard from Temecula Creek


Golf. I could play every day. I can’t wait for golf season to start.

I hadn’t played in five weeks and boy, did my game show it! I was ready to throw in the towel at #15. But I hung in there, and I played the next day too. I scored much better the second day, even though I was stiff and sore from the day before. My old bones and joints sure ain’t what they used to be. A good reminder that we have to keep moving—you can’t sit around or you’ll freeze up.

Temecula is in a beautiful area with lots of live oak trees and giant boulders. It was pretty hot out there, but not nearly as hot as in the desert right now.

We felt the earthquakes last night—being in an earthquake in a motorhome that is wiggly to begin with is a different experience—It felt like someone was rocking the box back and forth. It was a small quake and far away; chances are we would not have even felt it if we were in a brick ‘n mortar structure.

Tomorrow we have to get the motorhome ready to roll home and store. We’re going to ride together and then we’ll return the next day to pick up the car. It’s just too hard for one person to drive all that way alone. It’s a drag and it’s costly, considering the mileage my SUV gets, but you need that second set of eyes.

I’ll miss the coast. It has been lovely here. See you back home in the land of triple digits. Then we only have a week before we leave on another trip.


  1. That area is gorgeous down there isn't it? And I bet the weather feels like a welcome relief, almost chilly. Makes 90-100 degrees look pretty good in comparison to the desert:)

  2. You're sure right about "move it or lose it"! Where are you headed next?

  3. Isn't there a quilt store called Temmecula Quilt company? Just wondered in case it rains

  4. Whoa! Can't imagine what it must feel like to experience an earthquake in a motor home!

    You've certainly had an exciting trip!

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