Ding ~ Pizza’s Ready!

Before we left the desert we took Savannah to a children’s discovery museum. It was very hands-on and scaled to kid-size, and they had a play store with little shopping carts, and a pizza shop where the little tykes could make a pizza, bake it in the brick “oven,” and ring up the sale.


This pizza cost one hundred and sixty seven million dollars and Michelle didn’t have enough money, so Savannah gave away for free the pizza to a stranger who was sitting at one of the tables in the pizza shop. We all had a good chuckle over that logic. It made perfect sense to Savannah.

Now, we are “cee-ment camping” in our little animal cracker box in Oceanside, a short walk to the beach, but we can’t see the ocean from here because the raised train track is in the way. We have shade until about 3:00, when the afternoon sun blasts into our spot.


I stuck a For Sale Sign in the window, but we have had nary a nibble, despite the fact that there are several rented rigs here. We considered leaving the rig in Oceanside and driving a short distance to this campground every year, but we thought it through and we prefer the idea of spending summers in a brick ‘n mortar condo. Beach sand isn’t that important to us.

A short walk past the lagoon and under the railroad tracks brings us to Buccaneer Café. JJ gets his coffee here and sometimes we get breakfast.


Directly across the street from this joint is a public beach called Buccaneer Beach. I say public because, today, it’s mostly houses and condos that line the coast and there are precious few openings to the beach for pedestrians. When I lived here (30 years ago) it was wide open on the beach-side of the street. Nowadays, you’re lucky to find an opening where you can see the ocean. This place actually has a parking lot and a large grassy area if sand isn’t your thing.


Surfers use the beach in the morning when the surf is up, and in the afternoon it’s designated for swimming—no surfing allowed. A couple dudes are studying the waves. They look at the shape, and count the sets and know when to paddle out. If memory serves, the waves build in intensity until the seventh wave (usually) and then the energy is spent and it starts over again. In the afternoon this quiet little beach will be teeming with people and all their beach stuff.


  1. I remember camping along the California coast years ago, probably more then 30 years ago, and it was lovely and quiet and open! I am so glad I had the chance to do that then!! Good luck with selling the RV and getting a condo. Sounds like a plan!

  2. Is that like the 100K toilet seat??? LOL!

    Funny how some places get populated and some don't. I guess it is a matter of accessibility, larger towns and cities nearby, and a perception of status:)

    Good luck with the MoHo. Maybe you can rent it out to unsuspecting newbie travelers.

  3. I like Savannah's logic! And the hat, of course!

  4. Enjoying the trip with you.....That MH is so pretty that it will sell before you know it......S

  5. Savannah's growing up! Very cute! We love the OR Coast because it's so accessible, thanks to one of its early governors.


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