Tuesday Thoughts

We’re here, nesting inside in a balmy 79 degrees. Air conditioning runs 24/7 now. Nights no longer cool down, which means the pool stays about 100 degrees…warmer than body temperature…so no help there. 

Did I tell you I played golf recently? And it wasn’t bad. We went out early and had a good time. I was encouraged, but still I canceled this Thursday’s play because now it’s in the teens and, well….it’s hot. 

Speaking of air conditioning, ours went on the fritz for the second time on Independence Day. We have known for a while we need to replace it, it’s over ten years old and it’s builder-grade, which means bottom of the line. So we decided to replace it sooner rather than later, as the new one will be more energy efficient.

Quilting has begun on Raven. The red tape is to remind me that I have the small-hole throat plate on and not to use the zigzag. 

It’s crunch-time for planning our trip to Europe in September. We are making some last-minute changes as we have gotten smarter about our destinations. We are extending our cruise holiday by going to the Piedmont region of Italy for some wine and culinary education and experience.

While I was marching around with my camera, I noticed this hole where we had a tree removed recently. (I don’t get outside much.) I was reminded that I need to plant something there. Looking back at me were these two little doves, perfectly camouflaged in the soil. Can you see them?

Even cropped, enlarged, and enhanced, they’re still difficult to see. Of all the pigeons and doves in the world, have you ever seen a baby one? I haven’t.


  1. I "think" they are pretty close to grown up by the time they leave the nest. I have seen smaller ones which I assume are the babies. Excellent idea of putting red tape on your machine. I have made that mistake once and it scared me to death when that needle hit the plate.

  2. We had doves in Concord and I always enjoyed their cooing or crying, whichever it is-very mournful sounding. I haven't seen a small one though.

    Good job on the air conditioning preemptive strike. No A/C would be no bueno:)

  3. I love our doves; one reason is that they are monogamous. They mate for life, which is why there are almost always a pair of them when you see them.

    Your trip sounds fabulous! Can't wait to hear about it and the culinary delights!


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