Monday Musings

July already! Time flies faster and faster all the time. Scary.

Ever seen one of these? It’s a Caesalpinia pulcherrima, but we just call ‘em Mexican Bird of Paradise. They bloom (everywhere) in summer. The top will go increasingly yellow, although I’ve never seen one completely bloomed out.

Here’s another thing that blooms every summer in the desert. It’s a cicada. They’re supposed to have a 17 year life cycle, but I’ve seen them every year. They come up out of the ground around July 1, shed their shell, and buzz all day and all night. It is about the size of a Brazil nut. I hate ‘em. Yuck. Sorry if you’re eating lunch.

Okay, so I took this picture of a raven in Alaska, and it kept cawing (hee hee) me to make something of it.


So I answered the caw, as it were. This is what I’ve been working on.

Every time I do one of these crazy-pieced backgrounds I say never again, I’ll paint or dye my backgrounds from now on. It would be so much faster. But this time I thought it would be cool to have some classic pieced blocks hidden in plain sight. Kinda fun.

Back to the studio. Break’s over.


  1. Yes, I Love the Mexican Bird of Paradise! So pretty and delicate.

    And, your new approach with the hidden blocks is right on target. Love that too!

  2. Back to work! Looks good. I always admire your persistence with that pieced background-great results:)

  3. I love the Mexican Bird of Paradise, too! Glad you've answered the caw--:0 Looks like another amazing piece!

  4. Glad you heeded the raven's caw, Rian. That's going to be an awesome piece.
    Ugly or not, cicadas, for me, mean summer. And summer hasn't arrived here yet. It's only 52 here at the moment! Seventies are predicted for tomorrow. Shocking! Love the's new to me.


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