Mid-July Musings

We had some storms come through, which brought clouds, which lowered the temperatures 20 degrees but also sent the humidity soaring, so it was like stepping out into a sauna over the weekend. Miserable.

But then it rained, and the humidity went away, and we have had two glorious days of spring-like weather. I took the opportunity to get in a round of golf with a friend, and we tied.

This is the Par-5 18th hole at Indian Springs, my “home” course. By “home,” I mean where I belong to the club and where my handicap index is kept. Which is 27 these days. 

DSCF1027-003I didn’t play well because I was tired and I had had one (or two) too many glasses of wine the night before. I usually drink cautiously if I’m going to play the next day but we had a neighbor over for dinner and we were all thirsty.

The above photo was taken from my patio this morning, there is some kind of tournament going on; there has been a parade of players and their assistants—it’s odd when you see more than four people on the green and you notice it. These players look to be juniors (they’re the skinny ones) and, although I didn’t capture it in this shot, we are seeing lots of bright colors on the course—orange, purple, fuchsia, evidence that Rickie Fowler has become a role model for young players. This is great. Rickie has quite a gallery following with the younger set. Love to see it.

…In case you don’t know who Rickie Fowler is.

I’ve been quilting Raven, I should finish the quilting today. I couldn’t get a good shot of the quilt line because it’s dark in my studio and I had to use flash. But it’s coming along. I did show-n-tell with our dinner guest and my golf friend and neither one of them had ever seen anything like it before.

Next up is a fairy quilt for GD Savannah, age 4. It will have two sides—day and night. Kinda fun. And I got extra of the green fairy frost (binding) so I can make a matching ruffle on the pillow go-with.

Well my studio should be cooled down by now so I’d better get with it.


  1. The fella that won Wes's golf tournament used a hot pink driver. Never thought I would see the day!

  2. Can't wait to see the fairy quilt; Raven is wonderful. Keep cool if you can......

  3. Looks like beautiful (and comfortable) weather. I always love the golf shots because of the greenery in the desert:)

    Raven is coming along and the next project looks good to go:)

  4. I love the idea if day and night sides to the fairy quilt ... which my iPad just tried to auto-correct to "dairy." love the quilting on the raven quilt, too.


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