It’s Still Beautiful

Even though it’s 115 fricken degrees.


I got a new lens for my camera—I broke the kit lens and its focusing ring stuck. I had taken it golfing and my leg got caught in the strap as I was getting out of the golf cart. Oops. Lesson learned.

Well, so I have been “taking a refresher course” as it were, watching the DVD that came with the camera that I never watched when I bought it…. when the sky went all pink and orange. Outside I went.


I loved desert colors so much I decorated my house with them 25 years ago in Laguna Niguel. Southwest was very “in” in the 80s.

Here’s my lens. I took the photo with my pocket point ‘n shoot which takes crappy pictures—or maybe it’s me, I can’t see that screen. I got a hood lest I make the same mistake. The new lens is a lot larger and heavier then my old one. Now I want to go back to Africa and photograph lions and leopards again.


We got new air conditioners yesterday. Yes, plural. Two. One for the living side of the house, one for the side where the bedrooms are. We turn one on by day, the other by night. It’s very efficient—you only have to cool the part of the house you’re in. And these run so much quieter—it doesn’t sound like a diesel engine, which is a plus.


We have decided to sell our motorhome. We like it, but we don’t like to drive it, and it always seems more trouble than it’s worth to take it out. I had visions of heading out for an entire summer, visiting the national parks and such, but it costs a fortune to store, park, and fill with gas. Did I mention we hate to drive it. We are taking it to the coast in August, and then we’ll put it up for sale. The proceeds will go toward a little condo in the San Diego area. This will fit our lifestyle better, we can spend an entire summer there and pop over whenever.


  1. What lens did you get ?? I can't imagine your photos getting any better...they are already exceptional. Especially your animal and nature shots. Enjoy !!

    Maybe your trip to the coast will change your mind and you'll find that you LOVE to drive a large box down crowded freeways and that you'll develop an urge to fix things that........could happen !!!!

  2. Not unlike you, I think that I just like the idea of an RV/Motorhome more than the actuality of it...

  3. San Diego is a great place! Welived there almost 12 years, and I still miss the weather. It's still in the fifties in the mornings here although I think we broke 80 yesterday! Cannot imagine 115!

  4. Wonderful photos, Rian! But 115 degrees? That is OMG weather.

    I can't imagine the difficulties of driving the motor home. My aunt and uncle vacationed like this, traveling in caravans with friends.

    It would be great fun, as long as someone else had the responsibility of driving and parking!


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