I finished the fairy quilt top and back. I have pictures.

This is the top. The flowers are “white-on.”

This is the back. The two borders have sparklies.

It was super simple to piece, only took me a few hours.

It’s pretty slow around Planet Rian these days, and the only other thing that has been happening is this:


We’ve been getting up at 5 AM to watch other people play golf. But it has been a great Open tournament.

In MY golf world, I’m done playing here until we go over to the coast in a couple weeks. There is a huge golf learning center in Carlsbad and I’m going to take some lessons while I’m there. Something fun to look forward to. I joined Palm Desert Country Club and now I belong to two clubs. One club has really fun people and they play 2x a week so I can play there on Tuesdays, and the other one is kind of stodgy but I love the course. I’m secretary for that club and I play there on Thursdays.

One last thought~~ Like everyone else, I am terribly saddened by what has happened in Aurora, Colorado. It is stunningly horrific. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims who had their lives cut short, and to the survivors who have a long road to healing. There is really little one can say; it is a terrible, terrible tragedy. How anyone in this country could buy an assault rifle and all that ammunition is beyond me. A hunting rifle, yes. A pistol for protection, to each his own. But an assault weapon?


  1. The faeries will bring a big smile to her face....good choices....
    Love the Open but seems more like Calif than the coast of England...weather needs to be more involved !!
    I'm ready to start writing congressmen......they need to stand up to the NRA and get those non-sporting guns banned....

  2. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess with the weapons. The gun lobby is pretty strong. (or however you want to characterize our tendencies and laws.)

    That is a super cute quilt and a great idea to boot.

    Have fun watching golf. We do it too and pretty soon, you will be at the coast:) Cool down for me too OK?

  3. Very girly-girly quilt! Sure to be a winner!

    Such sad news and so senseless too.

  4. I'm sure your GD will love her special quilt, it's so pretty.

    Senseless acts are always shocking, my heart goes out to those poor innocent people.

  5. The fairy quilt reminds me of Palm Springs~~you and I LEAPING!! Love it~hope we do some exciting things soon. Love Ya,


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