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I must be getting well—cabin fever has returned, and so has creative thinking. July is stretching out in front of me and Grands 1 & 2 are unable to come this summer after all. They’re a teen and a tween after all, and they have busy schedules. So I need some projects.

I decided Grand #3, Savannah, age 4, will get a new quilt for Christmas. I found these panels online yesterday; the theme is flower fairies—one is night, and the other is day. I liked them both, so I got them both, and I decided that the quilt will feature night on one side, day on the other. Reversible. The panels are 24” x 44” and there are sweet companion fabrics to make my life easier.

I also want to do something with this. It’s a real raven, not just a crow that thinks it’s a raven.

Still no golf. I haven’t played in over a month. There is an Independence Day tournament at my club next week, but I’m still being gentle with myself until I’m completely over this. I don’t need a setback. No sir.

At PGA West this morning, they are punching the greens. The red machine punches holes in the soil not unlike a meat tenderizer, then someone rakes up the detritus. Another truck will come by later and lay down sand. The sand sinks into the empty spaces. This keeps the roots healthy. Otherwise the roots get tangled up and the grass keeps getting thicker and thicker, and it wouldn’t be good. If you’ve ever slid your hand across the felt on a pool table, that’s what these greens feel like. They are very hard and smooth. Sometimes too smooth. Just sayin.

We’re off to the movies and happy hour today. We need an outing. And tomorrow the ladies come to clean my house. All good stuff.


  1. Oh yea, fairies! They seem to be a perpetual theme. If the fairies get you in the studio, then that's a good thing!

  2. Cute idea! All litte girls seem to love fairies. I'm curious as to what you will put with these panels, how you'll use the coordinating fabrics. It will be fun to see.

  3. Little girls do love fairies--and why not? They can fly!

    Savannah will love it!

  4. This looks like a fun project, and one you can tackle in your stride. I'm glad you're better, but it seems like it's been a slow recovery.


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