Good News, Bad News, etc.

Been sick. We both caught a hellacious virus cold in Alaska. The good news is, it kicked in on about the last day of our trip so we didn't miss anything. The bad news is, it kicked our butts. The good news is, we're coming around. I think JJ has taken his last morning nap and I have watched the last afternoon romantic comedy. We have gone through four boxes of tissues, but I'm going whole quarter-hours now without using a tissue. So it's looking good!


Oh no! Well at least you are getting better now.
Judy S. said…
Glad you're on the mend! From your photos it looks like you had a great trip. Sorry you ended it up with a cold!
Barbara C said…
I'm glad you're getting better. Summer colds are no fun.
Teri said…
Ugh. Nothing worse than being sick while on a trip. Glad you are feeling better!