Too Damn Hot

And it’s only May! Yikes! Hibernation season has begun.

It’s really getting hot now, my neighborhood is a ghost town. The seasonal snow birds have all flown home and just us die-hard nut jobs are left.

It amazes me to say this, but golf is almost unthinkable now, as my activity level is barely a blip on the radar screen. I do have a game tomorrow, in 100 degree temps, but I think it will be my last until we go to the coast in August. The heat just sucks the chi right out of me. Zap!

Not a whole lot has been going on that is blog-worthy. We did have some interesting lenticular clouds the other day. We don’t get many clouds, so these were especially captivating to me:




Speaking of clouds, the company J works for sent us a gel topper for our bed (J is in the polyurethane business). It’s like memory foam only it’s cool. Memory foam is hot and we don’t need any of that! It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Hmm, maybe that’s why we’re both so zonked. Maybe it’s off-gassing or something.

So, since golf season is over, I have returned to the studio. I saw some fabric online that I just had to have! Yes, I was looking for it. My son wants to live on a sailboat in Caribbean when he retires, and he will need a quilt for chilly nights on the ocean—not to mention he will have ten or so Ohio winters to suffer through until he can make his dream happen.




I decided to do a Storm at Sea.


Above is an EQ rendering, There are only six blocks because I am working up from the six 8” panel prints (represented by the darker tan squares) below.


I have also been diligently working on my memoirs. I am finished and have only to decide whether to publish now or wait until I’m older and have more experiences.

We have about three weeks before our first trip. We are going to Alaska with my dear friend Carol, whom I have known SINCE THE FIRST GRADE! That’s 57 fricken years! OMG!

So that’s what I’m up to these days. Ding Dong, my fabric just arrived! Yay!


  1. Cannot imagine it that hot. We are still just barely in the 60's during the day and 40's at night. Great for all the outdoor projects that require physical labor but now they are finished so it can get warm please!

    Love the new quilt idea. Can't imagine doing memoirs but I would wait to add so much more since you have so much more life to live yet.
    (We are the same age and I sure am not thinking of going anywhere yet.)

  2. It's still chilly here, but then it hardly ever gets in the nineties in this part of the PNW.
    Love your new fabric and pattern...your own design? Hope you get good weather in AK!

  3. Love those cloud formations. (Did you think I wouldn't?)

    It has been hot here too, about 90 degrees, but certainly not that hot! Dreaming about water and sailboats sounds like the perfect antidote to hot weather, in my book. Hope your son enjoys his quilt-the pattern and fabric looks super.

    Stay hydrated while golfing today:)

  4. :0 Too damn hot! Reminds me of Robin Williams' line in "Good Morning, Viet Nam" -- "hot enough to do a little crotch pot cooking!"

    I know it's crude, but in our Louisiana heat and humidity, it rolls through my mind frequently.

  5. The cloud pictures are beautiful~~love the last one~~
    Suck it up girl--100s not so bad if you play early. Gotta love golf to do it!!!!
    Love Ya

  6. Sorry about the end of season golf.....surprisingly, it's still Ok down here....mid 80's most days and humidity not so bad. Glad you have a special project to keep you out of trouble during the down time.

  7. Wow, that third picture looks like there are mountains in the sky--very cool.

    It's nice to see you quilting again. Happy Mother's day!


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