Solar Eclipse

It was so freaking ironic. I mean really! We were watching a program on eclipses (I love that stuff!) this afternoon and we were rationalizing on how we are not going to the South Pacific to see the 2012 total solar eclipse this November, which is {very very} high on my list, because we decided to wait and catch the total solar eclipse that will cut a swath across America in 2017.

I went outside to start the grill to cook the steak for dinner. We were having Korean BBQ and Crunchy Bok Choy Salad. JJ was looking at the local news and said, “hey, there’s an eclipse today, and it’s going to reach its peak in 20 minutes.”

Yeah, sure.

Then I noticed that the light looked a little funny and it was a tiny bit cooler (less intense, let’s be real) than it should have been for that time of day. Well, wouldn’t you know it, we were having an eclipse.  And little sunlight crescents were everywhere.


I mean, what are the odds.

Being a nut-ball sky watcher my whole life, I grabbed my eclipse thingy and held it up to the camera lens and snapped this photo.


While I was getting my magic eclipse tool and I had my camera in my hand, I snapped a photo of the quilt I am making.


It’s entirely random, which is how I wanted it to be, because I like the fabric (motifs) so much that I’m just letting the fabric speak for itself. Any sort of intricately pieced thing would lose the effect and be a waste of time. So, it’s easy, and it gets me into the studio. My focus has shifted from golf to fabric.

In fact, my visor, socks, and golf purse are still by the back door from Thursday when it was just too hot to go outside.


But~~next week it’s supposed to be cooler (low 90s) and I have been invited to play the Weiskopf at PGA West. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m looking forward to it!

Hope you have a great week!!


  1. Glad you saw the eclipse =-) We did, too. And I'm glad it was today because tomorrow I head to NY and I guess the east coast missed it =-)

  2. I saw it too, obviously:) The sunlight was like looking through a tinted window. So strange. Rich had a little viewer and we could see the eclipse that way. Totally neat.

    Glad you are going to get some golf in. We will be having a cool down also:)

  3. Wow! Synchronicity at play in your eclipse.

    Enjoy your golf in "cooler" temperatures!

  4. That's cool!

    Sounds like the times have changed--golf over quilting. Oh well.

  5. Great photo, Rian. It rained here. :( Nice quilt, too!

  6. Thanks for the great photo~~All I noticed was that it seemed to be getting dark early~Scott called~to tell us to look, but I couldn't see what you guys saw!!! Now with your picture and Scott's I don't feel so bad. Alan won the putting contest at our Friday golf tournament. A new putter???If you win why would you change~~I'm going to give it (putter) a try tomorrow. My winnings were $50 won in a drawing~so much for good golf.

  7. Very cool pics.....I thought I had commented but guess it was all in my imagination. Glad you're manipulating the fabric and thread again....and sharing. You have such a creative eye. I'm excited for your opportunity to play on the really really great courses....color me green !


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