The Rock

I challenged The Rock today. The Rock won. It always does. SilverRock is one tough mother of a course! It is a beautiful course with lush grass, wide fairways, and monster sand traps. It’s like Mission Impossible.

Let’s go golfing.

Hole #1, par 4. The green is well protected on the right by water and on the left by massive sand traps. You have to go around to the left or you could go for it. But you risk getting into the trap or the water. DSCF1006-001

Here is a par 5. I am positioned to take my third shot, so you can see how long it is. There are some workers and a green tractor in the near bunker. You have to hit up the fairway to the right, then angle left to the green. DSCF1007

Another par 5. On this hole, you have to lay up your second shot so you can hit your third shot over the river. And even then it will take you two shots to get to the green. There are huge sand traps to avoid. My third shot bounced off that rock right of the bridge and backward into the water. But because it hit the other side, I could take my drop over there.DSCF1008

Here’s a closer look at the approach on the other side of the stream. Huge bunkers on the right, water on the left, narrow apron.DSCF1009

This is what I’m talkin’ about. Gives new meaning to the word huge. Be afraid, be very afraid.DSCF1012

Oh goody, more danger ahead. “Oh, noooo,” my partner Linda would say.DSCF1014

After you navigate past the lateral bunkers (above), you come to the approach to the hole and you see this. The flagstick is behind that mega-bunker where those trees are.DSCF1016 (800x451)

I think maybe this is the last time I play this course. It’s just too challenging and I don’t have a need to knock myself out. Plus, it was 98 degrees out there.


  1. Even golfing an easy course in 98° weather sounds daunting. I can't imagine going after a very challenging course. You must have felt wiped out when you were done.

  2. Be afraid be very afraid is right and I don't golf!!!! It was 48 degrees here today, does that make you feel better???

  3. That challenge thing is super though isn't it? Who wants a totally easy peasy type of deal every time? Gorgeous course though and weather:)

  4. You are one brave woman...or crazy if you factor in the heat. ! A very beautiful course despite the challenges....assuming they PAID YOU to spend your hours in the heat and sand and water. My days of summer golf are about over unless we are farther north.


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