Memorial Day Weekend


While much of the nation swelters, a cold storm blew through here last night. And I mean blew.


As evidenced by the leaves in the pool. I put Vinca in all the beds around the yard and courtyard—*I* didn’t plant them, the gardeners put them in. They tolerate the blistering desert sun and will last at least a year, maybe two if the frost doesn’t get ‘em.

I had a golf game scheduled today but my hosts cancelled because of the weather. I was putting my gear in my trunk when Janice called at 6:30. “Too windy,” she said. I’ve preached here how golf is not fun in the wind, and these were 40 mph sustained winds.


We saw Sugarland last night As a die-hard jazz (and hard rock) fan, I have been slow to embrace country music, but today’s country has a bluesy, rock edge to it that I like. We watch the Country Music Awards every year and it’s good stuff. Speaking of good stuff, we watched the final of American Idol Thursday and it rocked! The whole show was loaded with talent, but watching Steven Tyler do Walk This Way was the bomb—he’s still got it. At least this old broad thinks so.


I finished my son’s quilt. I just have to sew the back together and it will go out to be quilted. It’s big—this is a queen-size bed—but he’s a big boy.


He is into sailing and when I saw this fabric I had to have it. I love it! There are six 8” squares of sailboats, so I used them as my starting point and made the other pieces variations on 8” so it would all fit together. I’m very pleased with the end result.


No plans for Memorial Day, there’s a golf tournament (and the weather will be good) but I couldn’t find a partner.

Hope you have a great kick-off to the summer!


  1. Great quilt! I'll bet your son will love it. Perfect borders! Hope your wind dies down!

  2. This "OLD LADY" loves him~~hope he does a concert around here~~gotta see him "Up close and personal"
    Sorry about the golf, maybe next week will be better.
    The quilt is great~your son will love it.
    Have fun

  3. That is one good looking quilt. Handsome even, I would say:)

  4. Your golf weather goes from one extreme to the next....
    Love the work fast !
    Steven Tyler , not so much,.....but would love to see a full blown QUEEN concert.....flaming Freddie et al.

  5. The quilt looks a perfect gift for your son! And it IS big!

    The winds must have been howling at 40 mph--trying to play golf would have been a comedy of errors.

    Hope you have a nice and relaxed Memorial Day!

  6. Rian - we also saw Sugarland and it was a fantastic concert. We were able to meet them before the show as well and that was fun. Will go to a couple of others at Lake Tahoe this summer. We would also like to see Steven Tyler perform.

    Our pool and patio were a big mess when we got home Sat. morning. DH did play golf yesterday - first time in a long time (back problems). He sure enjoyed it.

    We will just have to get together in the fall!



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