Nothing of Interest Here

Nothing worth blogging about anyway. I've kind of lost interest in blogging. Just like art, things come and go. I'm just checking in to say all is well, we're healthy, life is good, golf is still good, and that's really all there is. I haven't been in the mood to go into the studio, although I'm starting to feel the call because soon I won't be playing golf and I'll need something to fill that void. There's the signpost up ahead--next stop>> Studio Zone.

We had a heat wave over the weekend (105) which was a harbinger of things to come. When it gets that hot, it's hard to sleep at night, the pool is about 100 degrees so no help there, and it's hard to do anything that resembles activity or exercise (i.e. golf). Yeah, we can hunker down in the air conditioning, and we do, but...I don't know, I just like real air. The breezes kicked up today and temps cooled down a little, so at least golf tomorrow won't be wicked hot and we'll sleep better tonight.

I've spent a huge chunk of time planning trips, I know I've mentioned them before, but it has been a lot of work. I've done all the legwork for Alaska and Europe, and I have Australia/Asia yet to do. Don't want to miss anything! It's not like I go there often.

Coachella was a huge success, I know that doesn't mean a whole lot to you, but it's the largest music festival in the country (maybe the world), it spans two weekends, and it happens a mile from my house. It brings huge amounts of revenue to the area (85,000  hungry and thirsty people), and it's good to see the young folks having fun. If I were younger--and had the inclination to spend that kind of money--I'd go.  Check out this Silent Dance if you've got a moment. To keep the party going into the wee hours and keep the neighbors happy, they gave everybody wireless headphones, and they danced on a floor that had the beat.

Well, that's all the news. We're good here.


  1. I wondered how close you were to Coachella. Both kiddos have spent the $$ there a few times, not this year, though. I agree with you, fresh air is best! I'm not blogging either...nothing to report so nothing to say. Plugging along on projects here and there when the mood strikes, which is not often lately. Should go to NY, haven't made my plans yet...lazy days...When do you head to the coast?

  2. Oh, yeah, PS: It was so foggy and drizzly today in East Co. it looked like it had poured rain... I liked it! =-)

  3. Sometimes you are just chugging along you know? I like fresh air also and so the very second it warms up even a bit, I have the doors and windows open. Just like you, very soon, it will be too damn hot to have the doors open! Or too damn cold! Take your pick:)

  4. Glad to hear it's not just me who feels like not blogging lately, Rian. Since Facebook, I kind of don't see the point any more, although once in awhile I do go there and post. I think I'm just getting lazy...

  5. :) Everything has its own cycle. My blogging has increased lately, but there have been months with nothing to report or no desire to post.

    Can't believe your temps have been so high! We are having pleasant days with the exception of the increase in pollen.

    Plan your trips. I'll check in to see what is happening when you are ready to share!

  6. Well, I sure hope that this is a passing phase and you won't leave us high and dry after allowing us to peek in to your golf doings, your wonderful travels and your fiber art. You have a gift with words and I would surely miss you. I go thru cycles when it just seems like the daily humdrum isn't blog worthy......but mostly I do it because we need a journal of our doings so we can remembr things. We often check back on the blog to see where we were or what we were up to on a certain date. So, keep plugging along for OUR benefit........


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