Made Sumpthin’

I made this fabric bowl this week. Innit sweet? It’s for J’s cousin Gerry in Alaska. Gerry likes to collect little bits of nature on her walks around the Kenai Peninsula. I hope she’ll enjoy using this bowl for her found objects.


Its innards consist of two layers of denim and Steam-a-Seam2.

In other news, not much. Still playing a lot of golf. Getting better at it. I think—I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and my scores to go back up. Weather has been amazing—I keep expecting the inferno, but just a few warm days so far. The storms that have been coming down the coast bring wind and cooler temps to the desert. Okay by me. Great weather for golf. Get it while you can.

Here’s a picture of the full moon rising a few days ago:


That’s all the news. Nothing exciting.


  1. What a sweet little bowl! You could put any manner of doodads in there.

    Hummin' along sounds just fine to me:)

  2. This little bowl shows big talent!
    The colors are so soothing to the eye. How long did it take to make? What is the process? I'm so proud of you!


  3. I haven't seen a fabric bowl like that before--pretty clever with the tucks.

  4. Great colors, and a very cute bowl. Was it hard to do? I also liked the moon shot~it was cloudy here, but we saw it when it was almost full.

  5. Haven't seen a bowl like that before...great fabric and colors. Clear glass eggs come to mind for the filling.
    You're talents are never-ending, including the photography....

  6. Beautiful bowl! I love the colors!

  7. Your cousin is very lucky to get your bowl. Very clever construction.


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