Life? Gooooood!

Here’s what *I* did today.


I have long wanted to take a photo of the first hole at the PGA West Weiskopf Private Course because it is so damn beautiful. Today, thanks to my mini camera that fits in my ditty bag, I could.


If you look real hard, you can see my second shot on the approach to the green on this par-4 below (in the center of the picture). I got par on this hole. Yay!!!


It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, no wind, and just a little warm on the last few holes. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I played the first six holes great and the last six holes great. But the middle six? They cost me. Who knows why—that’s golf. I posted a 106, a few strokes more than I would have liked. But that’s not bad for this difficult course.


  1. :) Your enthusiasm is catching! I'm always surprised at how beautiful the valley is!

  2. That first photo is inspiring! Congrats on the par!!!


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