Greetings from Number 10

We had a few moments while waiting our turn to tee off and I pulled out the baby camera. Which doesn’t make great shots. Kind of like we played yesterday. We didn’t make great shots. But we did okay.

“Hurry up. It’s 95 fricken degrees out here.”DSCF0054a

“Shit. Another one went right. And it’s going in the trap.”DSCF0051

My caddy.


Mike’s caddy. I’m working on Marty to take up the game. She’s thinking about it.


After golf we sat in the pool with margaritas, then we went out to dinner.

IMG_6535 copy

Old friends are the best. We’ve known Mike ‘n Marty since 1983. Glad they moved back to California.


  1. Who took the picture? the timer?
    It's a good one!

  2. Sounds like fun, Rian! I agree, old friends are the best!

  3. I saw this earlier and forgot to come back! I like the margaritas in the pool idea. How else to beat the heat???

  4. Great picture of you all. You look tanned and happy - can't beat that!

  5. Great friends aren't so bad either.....

    Your old new friend or is it your new old friend !!


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