Surprise Party


We went to an old (engineered) western mining town to celebrate a birthday today. DSCF0015

It sits right on top of the San Andreas fault. I took the mini camera today and for the life of me I can’t see what’s in the display screen, so every shot is a crap shoot, and I didn’t get any good shots of the up-thrust mountains to show you the fault line. Oh well.

We rode these red 4-wheelers out to the ranch for the party.DSCF0019

We are here to celebrate Carol’s birthday. That’s Carol in the middle, her daughter Jeanette on the right, J on the left.DSCF0017-001

Can you believe she is 75? This is what 75 can and should look like, folks! This lady rode a horse for the first time this year. You go, girl! My hero!DSCF0027

Happy Birthday, Cousin Carol! And many more…


Debra Spincic said…
Yep, she looks awesome for 70s!
Yup 70 is definitely the new 50!
jenclair said…
She's my new role model!